Sadotech Model CXR reviewNow probably is the time to get rid of your old wired doorbell and get a new one like Sadotech Model C wireless doorbell which doesn’t go heavy on your pocket.

And have faith in us, we are not saying it for the sake of selling it to you and earning petty commissions.

We are saying it because we have got some mighty reasons for the recommendations.

First of all, Sadotech Doorbell is the best seller item in the category of Door bell Chimes at Amazon.

Even though, the above fact is enough to get convinced how quality product it is but if you are not an impulsive buyer like us, go and read the details.

Also, let us tell you that this doorbell is specifically for those who are looking for an affordable wireless doorbell yet not compromising the quality.

So, with that being said, here we present you the Sadotech Doorbell Review:

Sadotech Model C Wireless Doorbell Review

Let’s start off by telling you a bit about Sadotech Model CXR Wireless Doorbell and its whereabouts:

Manufactured and marketed by Sadotech Doorbell (a subordinate of Sadowado LLC), this cheap doorbell wireless is ranked as the best seller under the category of Doorbell Kits.

Like all other manufacturers, the Sadotech doorbells pass through the quality control procedures to ensure that only quality and defect free products make its way to the market.

Along with this, Sadotech Doorbell is the sole distributor of Model C series doorbells in USA and Canada.

Pros and cons of Sadotech Doorbell


  • Affordable price.
  • Two chime units.
  • LED indicators.
  • 1000 ft open-air range.
  • 4 level adjustable volume.
  • Over 50+ doorbell ringtones.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • Not compatible with 220v power supply.
  • Cannot be integrated with L doorbell series.

Did I need to tell you again that this is the best selling article of 2016 under the category of Doorbell kits on Amazon? No, right.

Let us first talk about the build, design, and looks of this wireless doorbell.

Design and Build Quality

Regarding design and looks, this is an ultra modern, stylish yet sleek doorbell which can go perfectly well with the decor and settings of your property.

Sadotech model CXR review

It comes in two color variants, that is, White & Black.

It weighs about 6.9 ounces.

The built of this doorbell is quite sturdy and able to withstand tough conditions. Though, not one of the best aesthetics in terms of design but performance wise, it leaves no stone unturned.

It looks cute nonetheless.


Operating Range

Now, moving on to the most looked upon feature in a wireless doorbell, which is without any doubt is the operating range of a doorbell.

The Sadotech Model C wireless doorbell has a significantly large operating range of 500-1000 ft / (1000 ft) 300 m in open air.

It is perfectly ideal for large properties, let alone for the small and medium ones.

Sadotech model C Wireless Doorbell

Even if you have a first floor and basement, or second floor and you want to be notified whenever someone paves a visit and presses the doorbell, then this doorbell does the work for you.

And within such a price range, it’s hard to find any other doorbell with such an impressive operating range. Sadotech Doorbell ensures that every nook and corner of your abode is reached.

Sound Quality and Volume Control

Monotony is too mainstream. Won’t it be great if we get a variety of options to choose from?

For us, it will certainly be great, right?

Concerning that matter, Sadotech model c wireless doorbell has something in for you.

You get to choose from a variety of over 50+ different ringtones with four volume levels adjustable in the range of 25 dB to 110 dB.

With such features to offer, it is like being the power user of the doorbell.

Check specifications at Amazon


Ease of Installation

Concerning ease of installation, it comes with two options for installing the doorbell at your door.

One is by using a double-sided tape, and the other one is with screws and anchors.

The former one is a temporary solution; this is why using the screws and anchors what we recommend.

Sadotech model C Wireless Doorbell

The package comes with one transmitter button, two chime units, two screws, one double-sided tape, one 12V alkaline battery and a user manual.

The receiver, however, requires no battery. It’s perfect for outdoor use, and the remote transmitter button is IP33 weatherproof.

Power Options

The transmitter of the Sadotech model C wireless doorbell comes with a battery whereas the receiver is not equipped with one.

The transmitter has the 12 V battery which is removable.


Alternatives of Sadotech Model C wireless doorbell

Since, as a consumer, we always have a habit of looking for alternatives for an existing option.

So, for that matter, does Sadotech Model CXR has an alternative to it?

Does any other wireless doorbell matches the features offered by it within such a reasonable price range? If yes, then which are those? This section will reveal some of the closest alternatives of the Sadotech Model C wireless doorbell.

The first best alternative to Sadotech wireless doorbell is the Homasy wireless doorbell. It is a loud doorbell and can also be employed as a doorbell for hearing impaired.

You can read the full detailed Homasy review here.

The second best alternatives can be the Avantek Doorbells.

The main reason being, they provide a heck lot of features and above all, the prices of the Avantek wireless doorbells are quite competitive with respect to Sadotech.

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Other than these, there are a number of Avantek wireless doorbells to choose from. Some of them even have an operating range of 1000 feet which is quite impressive.

So, in a nutshell, if you want a wireless doorbell with a wide operating range within a similar price range of that as Sadotech Wireless doorbell then you can choose Avantek portable wireless doorbell kit over Sadotech.

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A perfect doorbell with a reasonable and affordable pricing which doesn’t go heavy on your pocket. With this Sadotech Model CXR wireless doorbell installed on your property, you will never miss any visitor who paves a visit to your home.

Alternatively, you may find people using this Sadotech model c wireless doorbell for yet another purpose.

And the very purpose is to use this wireless doorbell as an aide for their family member having health issues.

Just leave the push button by the side of the sick person and whenever he/she requires something, all that he/she has to do is to press the button, and you will get notified.

Ain’t it amazing?

So, you can also use it this way.

Sadotech Model CXR review

  • Value for Money
  • Installation
  • Design and Build


Within such a competitive price range, this wireless doorbell is good to go.