“Doorbell out of order”,

Ever put up this sign in front of your door because of the doorbell not working.

If you nodded in affirmation, you need to go through this info-resource.

Did you know that in most cases, you do not even require calling the technician? Generally, it is an easy fix.

So, in this info-resource. We will be telling you how you can fix the doorbell not working issue and that too all by yourself.

How to fix the Doorbell Not Working issue?

Most of the time, it is the mechanical doorbell which stops working. So, if you have one and it has stopped working, here is what you can do as the first step.

Identify the culprit

The key to fixing any problem is to identify the root cause or the culprit first.

So, there are four key elements of a mechanical doorbell where you can give a check:

1) Button

2) Wiring

3) Transformer

4) Ring unit or bell unit.

Before going any further, let’s just make you aware of each of these functional areas. Though, most of them are self-explanatory.


It is the “show” part of the doorbell with which the visitor or end users interacts.

So, in our quest of finding the culprit, this will be our first suspect.

In order to investigate, you can first unscrew the button. Once done, see if any wires are not loose.

If that seems okay, remove the wires from the button and touch the two wires together and see if the doorbell rings. [Be cautious while doing this]

If it does, voila, you just found the culprit in your very first go.

This means that the button needs to be replaced.

Ring unit or bell unit

A ring unit is that component of a doorbell which is responsible for ringing when one presses the button. It is the “sound guy” in the team.

If the doorbell doesn’t ring while checking the button in the first step then most probable chances are that the ring unit is out of operation.

To see the matter, go to your ring unit and first remove the cover.

Once you have done the mentioned, now check if any of the connecting wires aren’t loose. If that’s the case, just screw them up properly.

Just give a check, if the doorbell is working or not.

On the other hand, if the wires are already screwed up firmly then make sure that you have a low voltage tester to test the voltage.

Also, have someone to assist who can press the doorbell button for you. Once the doorbell button is pressed, see if the voltage tester gives a signal. If it does, The chime unit is not the culprit.

And that also means that the culprit can be either of the wiring or the transformer which we will be troubleshooting next.

The Transformer

Since the above two are working fine, the transformer seems to be a potential suspect.

Just be cautious while working with a transformer. Though the doorbell transformer generally works on low power so, it can be worked on without shutting the main power.

However, if you would want to inspect for any loose wires, you should consider shutting the main power off.

If no wires are loose, and you want to further give it a check. Have a voltmeter with you and attach the leads to the transformer wires.

A smoothly functioning transformer will show a reading which will match the secondary voltage marked on the voltmeter.

If it is way high then the secondary, the transformer seems to be faulty and if it is low, then also the transformer is the culprit.

However, don’t forget to double check before jumping into the conclusion.

Also, make sure to call in the technician just in case to be sure of it.

The wiring

In most simple case, the wiring can be the culprit. It can be caused by so many trivial matters like twisting, bending, small cuts, and exposed to water etc.

To check the case, remove the wires from the ring unit end and attach them to your voltmeter.

Have someone to press the doorbell button and see if the voltmeter registers a signal.

If it doesn’t, then consider replacing the wires.


Superficially, you have checked all the prime suspects behind your doorbell not working, if ever you can’t still identify the root cause, we would suggest you call a technician.

Also, consider going for a wireless doorbell. You can check the comparison of best wireless doorbells here.

Thank you for stopping by and hope it has helped you in your quest.