How often you come across a smart wireless doorbell with a transmitting range of 1000 ft (at an open area) and which also fits well within your budget.Magicfly doorbell

Not just only, that particular doorbell is pocket-friendly but also have a plethora of features to offer at your service.

You must have guessed the name by now, Right? (It’s in the title, mate).

Yes, we are talking about Magicfly doorbell.

This doorbell, in particular, has a lot to be talked about but for the sake of reviewing let’s move on to the product information first.

Magicfly Doorbell Review

Product Information

  • Part Number: Magicfly-MF072X2
  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.7 x 3.7 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 2 Transmitter / 2 Receiver, Black
  • No batteries required.

Now, we are done with the product information.

Why should we not brief you about the pros and cons of the Magicfly portable wireless doorbell?

Pros of Magicfly Wireless Doorbell

  • A stable operating range of 1000 ft.
  • Easy to install.
  • 52 doorbell chimes to choose from.
  • One year warranty.
  • Four level volume control.
  • Durable (Long lasting).
  • No hassle of batteries.
  • Super power saving.

Cons of Magicfly Wireless Doorbell

  • Instructions in that Magicfly doorbell manual are not clear.
  • Cheap branding on the buttons looks odd.
  • Not exactly waterproof. You may get issues with the doorbell after a real boom of rain.

Let’s see if it withstands the benchmarks so that it can make a place for itself on the list of top rated affordable wireless doorbells.

For that sake, we will be checking it against some of the most sought features in a wireless doorbell.

So, let’s get started with the in-depth analysis.

Shall we?


This is one of the very first things that concerns any homeowner or a DIY’er whenever a gizmo is brought into the house.

Magicfly doorbell

Though it seems quite easy to install and use but if you decide to go with the instruction manual that comes in included with the package.

Then you might have a hard time doing so.

The Magicfly doorbell manual is not up to the mark or we would rather say that the instructions are not clear enough to be implemented.

So, if you are a first timer installing a doorbell at your home then this one benchmark, in particular, might be a downside.

So, take note of this when considering to buy Magicfly doorbell.

Though, there certainly might not be a problem for you to install this Magicfly portable wireless doorbell kit if you are a tech-savvy guy or an active DIY’er.

How to install?

For your sake of convenience, let’s quickly walk you through how to install the Magicfly wireless doorbell:

The installation is pretty easy.

And most importantly, this wireless doorbell has no such hassle of dealing with wires.  

All that you have to do is to plug in the receiver at any specified electricity outlet and then place the transmitters (ringers) somewhere near the entrance.

The push button (transmitter) can easily be fixed to your doorframe or the adjacent wall with the help of the mounting screws or the double-sided tape (included in the package).

Magicfly wireless doorbell

Concerning the power consumption, the transmitters power consumption is less than 12V and easily works under the value of 12V voltage.

The main receivers working voltage is 110-220V AC and it requires no batteries as already specified.

The Magicfly doorbell comes with two receivers. So, for the arguments sake, you can place the other receiver at the either side of your house so that you don’t miss any guest at your door, ever. Period.

In fact, under standard and ideal conditions, it takes approximately 5 or fewer minutes to install the fully functional Magicfly portable doorbell.

NoteJust make sure that you install the push buttons or transmitters before plugging in the receiver.

Sound and Volume Control

With over 52 fantastic chimes to choose from, Magicfly gives you a plethora of options when it comes to the sound benchmark.

The 52 chimes are 16 chords which are elegant.

The 52 chimes consist of melodies like Ding-Dong to various other well-known tunes.

End user have a full control over the volume as Magicfly has a four level volume control.

Magicfly wireless doorbell chime kit

The doorbell sounds are quite soothing and the sound volume range is 25-110dB.

The default doorbell sound is Ding-Dong.

Build Quality and Design

The timeless, classic design is what adds more power to the reason for buying the Magicfly doorbell kit.

Magicfly wireless doorbell

Since the doorbells primary color is black. So, this is the reason why it is a perfect fit for any kind of home decor.

The material used in the doorbell is able to withstand almost any kind of the weather.

Also, it is able to keep itself away from any interference and high temperatures.

Just to make you sure that the product is built up of excellent quality, it becomes mandatory that this doorbell passes all the quality control standards like CE, FCC, RoHS approval.

Though the branding by Magicfly looks quite cheap but we think that this is manageable.


One of the major factor with electronic goods that is most sought even after any other thing is the warranty.

And we are glad to tell you that Magicfly doorbell comes up with a full one year warranty.

So, unfortunately, if any mishap happens, it’s always easy to replace your Magicfly doorbell with a new one or get it repaired at no additional cost.


This was pretty much about the Magicfly wireless doorbell.

I guess you must have your answer by now regarding whether to buy Magicfly doorbell or not.

Magicfly wirless doorbell

Just to state in a nutshell, this is a perfect doorbell for the one who is an active DIY’er looking for a wireless doorbell with a considerable range of more than 200m and also that falls well within the budget.

Well, if you fall into the above-mentioned category, we would suggest you go for it. Otherwise, you can always look for the other affordable wireless doorbell alternatives.

So, you might be eager to check the price and the shipping details, right.

So, care to click on the button down below where you will find the product page with all the necessary details.  

Magicfly doorbell

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  • Installation
  • Build Quality & Design
  • Sound


Affordable, good operating range and elegant look and feel.