This review is an analysis of the Honeywell RCWL 330A1000/N P4 Portable Wireless Doorbell with a Push Button. Essentially, this gadget is state of the art protection for your front door. It provides you with the security you need to ensure that your front door is safe while you are home or away.

Further to this, the Honeywell portable wireless doorbell has over 1200 positive reviews by viewers due to its unique qualities. With at least 6 push buttons and motion detectors, you can expect convenience and the security you require from such a gadget. There is a code system that allows the gismo to adjust automatically with 6 visual icons for you to utilize when needed.

In addition, with a 450-foot range, your front porch is safe, and all you need is your smartphone. You can also use another smart device to view whatever security issue that is pressing wherever you are. The following review is to give you up to date information on why you need the Honeywell wireless Doorbell for your security need. Read on for more details.


Honeywell Premium Portable Wireless Doorbell Review

Using this high-end portable security device for your front door is essential for your security needs. You have peace of mind as you are safe while at home and away from home with the Honeywell portable Doorbell.

The wireless door chime has six transmitters, which allows you to connect each chime to push buttons with the motion detectors. These connect the detectors wish door chimes and contacts that are located in different entrances. With such a security system, you have unequaled security in your home, which gives you the type of protection you need for your home investment.

Has push buttons for the doorbellThe only disadvantage is the push button, which could have been more aesthetically designed.
Contains motion detectors 
Door contacts 
Has door chimes that range 450 feet from the point of origin 
Smart home compatibility 
Coding system that you can program 
The ringtones are pre-installed and have high-quality sound 
Adjustable volume control. 
LED lights that are shown when the transmitter is activated 
It is portable, and you can take it anywhere within a span of 450 yards. 


First Impressions

Among the wireless doorbells available, this is a master piece. The features are astonishing, appealing, and incredible for a wireless doorbell piece. Based on the reviews, it is a rather handy device for any homeowner. For your home or office, this is a worthy device that can provide the security that you need to provide peace of mind for your investment in either office or home property.

 Honeywell Wireless Doorbell


The design of the Honeywell wireless door chime is created for ultimate convenience. With portability capabilities, it provides you with the ability to use it for your home, yard, or office. The visual alerts allow you to view when your transmitter has been activated by the security mode. When this happens, you are in a position to know if you are experiencing a security risk.

Furthermore, it has 137-meter range, which is equal to 450 in range, which gives you the ability to move around and know when your property is at risk. It also has a flashing light that gives you the ability to know when your treasured investment is at risk.

The doorbell chime contains six transmitters that have door contacts; bell push buttons in case of an incident as well as motion detectors that you can add for your security convenience. A point of note is the CD-quality sound that the chimes produce to help you know when your property is in danger of perpetrators. 

The code system is self-learning, which helps you eliminate any interference in case of an emergency. Additionally, do not have to worry about the volume of the chime. It has a volume control in case you are in a meeting and do not need the noise that it produces when alerting you of some mishap in your home or office.

With a Do it yourself type of installation and low battery indicator, you are safe to keep everything under wraps when you have a problem with your security system. This is the type of design that ensures that you keep your security needs private wherever you are within its range. 



Item weight9 ounces
Dimensions8.3×6.5×1.8 inches
Batteries1CR2 batteries required
ColorWhite or Black
Batteries includedNo
Batteries requiredYes
Battery cell typeLithium-ion
Warranty1 Year



The Honeywell portable plus wireless door chime helps you replace your traditional kit with a chime tune that is in keeping with your personal style. Among the personal accessories that you do have in your home, you have compatibility when you make use of the Honeywell Wireless chime. Furthermore, it helps you secure your home as well as your family with just a bell push button.

With the Honeywell door chime, you have a user-friendly device that allows you to keep eyes on your front porch, Check on your office and your workshop when you most need the security for that property. The performance enables you to have a 450-foot range that will allow you to know when you have a visitor in any of the premises mentioned above. 

The style is elegant and allows you to blend the look of the device to your home décor. With an adjustable volume, you have a CD-quality sound that you can control at any location. In addition, you have six tunes to chose from that include St. Clements, Ding Dong, Warm Brass, Fantasy, and Tube chime. Pick your choice, and you are well on your way to that tune that you need.

Further to this performance, you also get the choice to activate the flashlight notification, which helps with those in your home who may have a hearing impairment. Despite not having the ability to hear the sound of the chime, they can view the flash when there is an alert insofar as a security risk is concerned. 

There is the option to turn off the chime in case you have a child who requires that much-needed nap time. This is a plus on your end. The self-learning coding allows you to program the device as you do wish to ensure it operates optimally based on your settings.

Push buttons that are located at different entrances, you can check your security from your front door, back door, or any other gate you may have at your home.



At a range of 450 feet that is equal to 137 meters, you are safe. That is the range you have when you use the Honeywell wireless gadget for your home security. With this level of range, your security is guaranteed as you can manage to check on your property while at home, be it an office, home, or workshop. Next, we will discuss how you can make all this possible through a straightforward Do it yourself installation.



To install the Honeywell wireless security for your front office or front door home, you need to follow these few steps.

  1.     Before commencement of your installation, wear protective gear. This means you need to have on some goggles and gloves. Furthermore, you need to check for any water pipes or electric cables before you begin the process.
  2.     Open the bell push and install the encased push battery. Next, install the chime batteries and proceed to check the switch setting. After reviewing the volume setting, you need to try and operate the chime to check if the flash and sound are in working order.
  3.     Choose between the three modes that give you between mode 1 to 3 that offers light flash, light flash and sound and the option to choose different sounds under mode three.
  4.     Be sure to first place in the coin cell for operation before you begin the test mode.
  5.     Once you have set up the flashlight and the chime that you desire, you need to keep testing to see if it works well from time to time while away from your property.

Using these few steps, you are well on your way to a secure property that will give you no qualms in terms of security.



In conclusion, the above discussion has provided a first-hand account of what you need to do to get the Honeywell wireless security cam. With this gadget as has been described, you have ultimate security within a 137-meter range, and that should give you the peace of mind you need to move away from your well-invested property with no worries. Get the Honeywell RCWL330A1000/N P4-Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime today, and you will be sure your property is safe, no matter your location.