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Homasy wireless doorbell

You come across a doorbell enriched with quality features as Homasy wireless doorbell under an affordable price of just $$.

Whether you are thinking to buy a wireless doorbell for your humble abode or replacing a wired doorbell, you gotta read this Homasy wireless doorbell review anyway.

It’ll certainly help you in your quest of finding the best wireless doorbell for your home.

Homasy products have been in the sphere for a considerable period, and one can certainly rely on its quality and durability.

Moreover, this Homasy doorbell is an amazon choice product, leaving one with strong reasons to go for it.

Homasy Wireless Doorbell Review

First Impressions

Homasy wireless doorbell is a weather proof doorbell with IP55 certification.

Homasy wireless doorbell

The Homasy wireless is made up of ABS material offering excellent resistance to heat and chemicals.

For a price range of under $$, this Homasy wireless doorbell kit is a good contender for the best wireless doorbells.

The White color of the doorbell is capable of blending with any home decor.

The transmitter has a blue LED flash bulb that surely acts as a secondary alert indicator corresponding to which the receiver flashes white light. Thus, the Homasy doorbell is also a contender for the best doorbells for hearing impaired, given that it has a loud doorbell sound within the range of 25dB-100dB.

Homasy wireless doorbell

Above all, the Homasy wireless doorbell comes with all the requisites in an accessories filled package which includes two receivers, a transmitter, two mounting screws, two anchors,  a double sided tape and a manual.


As mentioned earlier, the build of this doorbell is sturdy and made up of quality ABS material with 0.01% fiber which is capable of withstanding even harsh weathers.

The weight of just 6.4 ounces and a quality plastic exterior with design patterns complements the surroundings.

IP55 certification ensures that it is completely waterproof and hence can be used outdoors.

The two receivers are in excellent rounded-square shape with the transmitter having a long rectangular shape.

The combination of blue and white color on the transmitter looks elegant and goes well with any home decor.

Homasy wireless doorbell

The design is flexible regarding use. Whether you want to use it at your residence or any corporate office, it blends in perfectly with either one of them.

Additionally, there is a transparent compartment at the bottom of the transmitter for the purpose of serving as a chamber if anyone wants to leave a message for you.

Isn’t it an excellent thought of having a compartment? I was blown with this fact.

However, one cannot expect the compartment to be spacious as it ain’t meant to be, but it can serve you in emergency conditions.  

To suffice it all, the design is practical and simplistic and doesn’t look like anything is overdone on it.

A green signal regarding design and build goes from my side.


If you are a tech-savvy person and loves to see the technical know-how of a product before buying it, then you gotta see this.

BTW, it’s an excellent habit, kudos.

Starting off with the operating range, this Homasy wireless doorbell kit has a notable operating range of 1000 feet or 300 meters in open space.

Kindly take a note that, even if obstacles interfere with the working of Homasy doorbell, it can still reach up to 100-500 feet which are indeed great.

Homasy wireless doorbell

So, this doorbell serves well for a small, mid-sized and even multi-floor properties.

Concerning the doorbell sounds, it has 52 door chimes (16 chords) for you to choose from.

To distinguish between the two chime units, one can configure both of them with different sounds.

Full volume control is there for adjusting your doorbell volume accordingly. The doorbell sound ranges from 25dB-110dB.

The transmitter is fully battery operated which employs 12V 23A Alkaline battery sitting inside.

However, the power consumption of the doorbell is less that 10mW.

It is claimed to work up to -30-degree Celsius and maximum up to 70-degree Celsius.

The transmitter is DC powered whereas the two receivers are AC powered.

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Ease of installation is a most sought feature in any gizmo.


…Since this doorbell is wireless so, you are safe from the hassles of any wiring stuff.

Moreover, this section has been taken utmost care by the Homasy manufacturer. Since there are no hassles of wiring, you are almost free to use it as soon as you unbox the package.

Installation only requires plugging in the receivers at any AC powered standard outlet (Wall sockets are recommended) and then mounting the transmitter using the 3M double sided tape or the mounting screws and anchors.

Homasy wireless doorbell

Yes, that’s pretty much it, all that is needed to be done is right here. Easy enough, right.

The battery sits inside the transmitter which comes included in the package but don’t forget to pull out the insulating strip before using it. This makes your going get even easier.

However, if you ever found yourself lost then do consider going through the Homasy wireless doorbell instruction manual which has crystal clear instructions for installation and other prerequisites.

At the first use, you will find it pretty loud, but you can always bring it down to your level by reaching out to the volume control buttons at the sides of the Homasy wireless doorbell receivers.

Needless to say, it’s a great sight to watch the illuminating white lights whenever the push button is triggered.


Homasy wireless doorbell is surely a strong contender for best affordable wireless doorbells.

Why not would it be?

It gives you an optimal operating range of 100-500 feet even if obstacles are in its full swing.

Also, produces sounds that are bound to be heard from every nook and corner of your property.

The power consumption is less that 10mW and has more than 52 different chimes to choose from.

The durability of this product is excellent and hence giving you a plethora of reasons for buying this Homasy wireless doorbell.

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Homasy has a fair share of happy users under its hood but also faces stiff competition from wireless doorbells like Sadotech Model CXR, Magicfly, and Honeywell RCWL300A1006.

The USP is undoubtedly the loud doorbell sound and hence, can also be employed as a doorbell for hard of hearing person.

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Anyway, before buying this, if you have any query then do let me know through the comment section below.

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An excellent loud doorbell that reaches every nook and corner of your property. Reasonably priced and a strong contender of best wireless doorbells of all time.