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Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell reviews

Even the experts who are working in this field since long will be skeptical when you ask them to suggest a good budget wireless doorbell.

That’s because there is so much of competition that it becomes hard to distinguish what’s good and what’s not.

And, not everyone can afford the Ring or Skybell HD doorbells as they are too pricey for the budget people like us.

So, for that matter, the selected Heath Zenith door chimes listed below is what I would like you to consider in your quest:

Just to give you a little background, Heath-Zenith is an industry leader in intelligent lightings, and door chime markets and its products are being sold at over 10,000 retail outlets worldwide.

Let’s get the show on the road.

Shall we?

Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell Reviews

#1: Heath Zenith SL-7368-02 Entry alert chime

Since Heath Zenith is primarily a door chime manufacturer, so, there are a plethora of Heath-Zenith doorbells available and mind that, they names are not easy to remember.

Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell

Keeping aside the issue of names, this first doorbell (SL-7368-02) is kind of different from other doorbells on this list as it is technically an Entry alert chime (Which we will be explaining in the features section).

So, without any further ado, let’s get going with some of the flamboyant features of Heath Zenith wireless doorbell.


It has a 100 ft Transmission range which is impressive at such a price. The transmission range is taken into account from the magnetic sensor to the plug-in chime.

The kit includes one chime receiver and one magnetic sensor. The magnetic sensor is of great use and triggers only when the door is opened, and since it is not a motion sensor, you be assured that it won’t ring every time someone passes help.

In a nutshell, the entry Alert chime activates only when the magnetic sensor separates.

So, you can easily install the magnetic sensor at the door and place the chime unit anywhere you want. You can employ the double stick tape to attach the door alert sensor.

Installation is pretty easy, and this Heath-Zenith doorbell uses AAA battery which comes included in the package.

Concerning the technicalities, the sound decibel is 75 Decibel Maximum. It comes with adjustable volume and 1-year warranty.

And for the matter of quality, it is FCC and IC certified.

Whom is it for?

This Heath Zenith wireless doorbell is an ideal solution for office or business entrance. So, consider this, you want to be alerted every time a client walks in through the door, this entry door chime does that perfectly.

Though, it ain’t the loud but does a decent job to alert you.

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#2: Heath Zenith SL-6167-C Wireless Plug-In Door chime kit

Unlike the previous door alert chime, this Heath Zenith SL-6167-C doorbell kit is a proper wireless doorbell.

Design wise it is no different than SL-7368, but it necessarily comes with 2 Push buttons.


Akin to the previous door chime, it has an operating range of 100 feet. The color of the doorbell is white which is a universal color that blends in perfectly with almost all kinds of home decor.

Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell

As already mentioned, it comes with two push buttons one for the main entrance and the other for the rear door.

Regarding the doorbell sounds, you get the option of 8 note Westminster and a two note Melody which you can employ at the main entrance while one note can be used for the rear door.

It helps you distinguish between which door is entertaining the guests.

A 12V battery is required which comes included in the package.

It is loud and clear, so even if you have a large property, you won’t have any issues with the sound section.

Though, you might experience some problems if you have a lot of walls or interference between the button and the chime. So, this might not be a perfect fit for you in that case.

Whom is it for?

If you own a decent size property, then this goes well for you. Mainly if you have two entrances, this is a must go for you, if you are looking for a wireless doorbell well under 30$.

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#3: Heath Zenith SL-7882-02 traditional Decor wireless door chime

All the old school pals, this traditional Heath Zenith wireless doorbell is a treat for you.

If you are an ardent fan of Antique style gizmos, then I bet, this exquisite doorbell will complement your taste.

You have a look at it, see how beautiful it looks, Oak and satin-finish brass looks incredibly amazing, ain’t it?

I love it.

Heath Zenith Wireless Doorbell

Coming straight to the features other than the flamboyant design are discussed below:


I guess I have bragged enough about the design but I seriously can’t take my eyes from it.The contemporary style is so soothing that it gives a homely feel.

However, the side tubes aren’t attractive and doesn’t look that great when having a closer look.

Other than the design, this traditional boasts a 150 feet operating range which is so far the greatest of all discussed in this resource.

Like all other heath Zenith doorbells, this traditional doorbell is also battery operated and also comes with adjustable volume control.

This Zenith doorbell also employs two sounds which help in distinguishing between the rear and front entrance.

However, the sounds may seem unattractive to your ears probably because of the substandard quality.

Installation is also easy and hardly takes 10 minutes for the complete setup.

Whom is it for?

Exclusively for those who are very particular about the design and decor. Especially if you have any brass hardware then consider going for this as it will perfectly blend with your decor.

It even works well with a decent amount of interference between the chime and the push button.

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So, here we gave you a walk-through to the top 3 best Heathco doorbells. You can always visit the heathco website which has even as heath zenith wired door chimes along with wireless ones.

Apart from that, hz support is also a major factor to consider a Heath Zenith wireless doorbell for your home.