You’re thinking of setting up a wireless video doorbell after moving into your new apartment or house. But you can’t make a choice on the best smart device to buy. There are a variety of doorbells sold online, today we’re only going to concentrate on two incredible products. These are the Zmodo Smart Greet Wireless Doorbell and Ring Wireless Doorbell.

The 2 wireless doorbells are similar yet so different. If you’re not sure on which video doorbell to buy between Zmodo and Ring, then this article is for you. When you decide to buy a wireless doorbell there a few things you’ll want to consider before you make the purchase. I’m going to discuss with you on how to select and even check the smallest details on your preferred doorbell before purchasing.

Before making our verdict, thorough research has been undertaken to ensure we only recommend the best product to our readers. Hours have been spent reading and analyzing user reviews, both positive and negative. Also, the views and opinions of expert reviewers have been taken into consideration. For this article, we considered the customer reviews, value, equipment, ease of use, features, and technology used in the two products. Hence you can trust our overall verdict of the two products.

Find out why the Ring Wireless Doorbell is better than Zmodo Greet Wireless Doorbell all factors considered. Both wireless doorbells are effective products when it comes to video surveillance but have differences in terms of their overall performance.

There are various reasons why Ring Wireless Doorbell is a better choice compared to Zmodo. We’ll discuss all the reasons, including the pros and cons of both products. Most importantly, the unique features and good functionality that Ring offers. Not forgetting the great features of the well-priced Zmodo Wireless Doorbell.

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  • Works with Alexa to illuminate and send announcements to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. You can also see, hear, and talk to visitors through Echo Show or Echo Spot.
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC
  • Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell
  • Works on any home, with or without existing doorbell wires
  • Monitors your home in HD video with infrared night vision

Zmodo Smart Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - Cloud Service Available (existing doorbell wiring required)

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  • Answer the door wherever you are - see and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone.
  • On demand access - access live video at any time from your smartphone or the web. A new, HD lens with 105 degree vertical viewing angle gives you a clear view of your visitors and your home.
  • Smart motion detection - receive an alert and a recorded video clip whenever motion is detected.
  • Zmodo Cloud Service - motion alert clips are saved in the cloud for 12 hours for free. All users are also eligible for a 30-day free trial of our 7 day cloud recording plan. With the cloud plan options, you can review, save, and share footage at any time, and reduce false alerts with cloud intelligence.
  • Additional Sevice - 60 days money back guarantee, 3-year limited warranty, lifetime US-based tech support ( Tel: 217-693-5706. Working time: 8:00 - 20:00 CST, Mon-Fri ).

Zmodo vs Ring Video Doorbell

Zmodo Greet Wireless Doorbell is a smart device used as a doorbell camera. This convenient device allows you to answer the door, no matter where you are using your smartphone. It enables users to connect to Wi-Fi through a free app and also to increase the coverage. The setup for Zmodo is quite simple, and users can use their existing wiring.

Moreover, it has an inbuilt function called Beam Connect that is meant to reduce dead spots. Another vital feature includes smart motion detection, which gives you access to a live or recorded video clip in case motion is detected. Lastly, there is the Zmodo cloud service, which is a paid plan for saving footage recorded by the smart device.

Just like Zmodo, Ring Wireless Doorbell is a smart doorbell device with high definition cameras. Other than motion detectors, Ring also provides a hub and entry sensors. Another additional feature that separates Ring from the other doorbell devices is its voice control capability enhanced by Alexa.

Ring works with Alexa to help you hear and talk to your visitors conveniently without interruption. It also offers Infrared vision at night to keep your home safe. The best thing about Ring is that it can work with or without doorbell wires. Moreover, the installation is quite easy and takes about 5-10 minutes on average. Lastly, the company offers free replacements for stolen devices.

Ring Wireless Doorbell

First Impressions

When you first purchase the Zmodo Wireless Doorbell.  It comes in a simple, neat package that contains the doorbell, Beam Extender, a smart hub, the manufacturer’s start guide, and a Noise Corrector. The Zmodo Wireless Doorbell is slightly curved at the edges and comes in shiny grey color. It’s light which comprehends its unique look and feel.

The Ring Doorbell is sleek and has a futuristic design. It’s a bit bulky compared to Zmodo Wireless Doorbell due to its nickel finish, but you may not even notice that. So it shouldn’t worry you at all. The kit comes with two covers; this will depend on the color you choose.

Also provided in the package are the necessary items you need for installation of the doorbell. It also provides you with mounting plates that you can use to place the doorbell in the perfect angle. Ring Wireless Doorbell is much slender than Zmodo if you take a look at both doorbells. Both doorbells appeal to the eye hence won’t scare away your visitors.
Zmodo Greet Doorbell


Well, the design for Zmodo is quite impressing. It even looks better than the designs of the majority of other smart doorbells. Even so, Ring’s looks and design do not disappoint either. They’re both made of durable and quality materials. Both smart devices have sleek designs that make them appealing to the eye. However, Ring has a variety of colors you can choose from. In terms of design, you can go for either the Zmodo Wireless Doorbell or Ring Wireless Doorbell. It all depends on your taste.

Audio Quality

Zmodo has a two-way audio system. This means it comes with an in-built microphone and speakers. Thus allowing you to converse clearly with whoever is at your doorstep. You can also record a personalized voice message for your visitors. So that whenever they come at your door, and you’re not ready to answer it, or you choose not to answer it, the voice message plays briefly. Pre-recorded messages can also come in handy when you’re unavailable, or no one is at the house.

Ring Video Doorbell has a better audio quality compared to Zmodo Smart Greet. This is because Ring works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa, which is a computer-generated voice device. Alexa enhances and illuminates Echo devices when the doorbell is pressed. Ring provides a better audio quality whenever you to talk to your visitors using a built-in function called Echo spot.

You can listen and speak to your visitors clearly from your smartphone or computer. Just like Zmodo, Ring Video Doorbell provides a two-way audio system. Hence communication with your visitors is more efficient with the in-built microphone and speaker. This works even if you’re not at home and someone pays you a visit, you can still communicate with them.

Video Quality

The Zmodo Doorbell comes with a 720p HD camera used to provide on-demand video. It also provides you with high-quality videos and images. In addition, all the cameras come with a unique night vision feature. For about $100, you’ll receive four-pack cameras that will enhance your security system and provide Indoor/Outdoor video. One thing that you’ll love about Zmodo Wireless Doorbells is that they provide high-quality night vision at a cheaper cost compared to Ring Wireless Doorbells.

Ring Wireless Doorbell provides better video quality than Zmodo Doorbell. However, there’s a disadvantage to using Ring when it comes to video quality. For you to get better cameras like 1080p cameras, you have to pay some extra cash to purchase it. Even so, Ring Wireless cameras are still better, especially considering their powerful zoom capabilities. This ensures you receive quality Live view and on-demand videos.

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The Zmodo Wireless Doorbell comes with High Definition cameras with a field view of about 155 degrees. It uses LED technology for high-quality night vision videos. It has a two-way system for audio and video streaming. In addition, it is fitted with a PIR sensor that gives you alerts whenever someone comes near your doorstep.

Also, it comes with 8 GigaBytes of storage to save your videos and images. It comes with a weather-resistant capability allowing it to work effectively during periods of high humidity, rain, or snow. On top of this, it provides its customers with up to 365 days of warranty coverage. Lastly, it is integrated with the Zmodo app that you can use whenever you are.

Ring Wireless Doorbell is fitted with a high definition camera with a field of view of about 180 degrees. It comes with an in-built Infrared night vision. Also, it has a high-quality two-way system for audio streaming that has noise cancellation enabled. It’s fitted with smart motion detection sensors that alert the user in case of intrusion. Moreover, it offers a cloud recording service for its users, which is free for the first month.

It is dual powered which means you can power it using the existing doorbell wiring or by use of an in-built rechargeable battery. Just like the Zmodo Wireless Doorbell, it is weather resistant. Lastly, it offers a lifetime warranty for all its customers.


When it comes to device performance, Ring Doorbell has a slightly better performance than Zmodo Doorbell. Especially when it comes to motion detection, Ring rarely gives false signals to its customers. There’s been a lot of complaints by Zmodo users about false alerts.

Although Ring motion detectors have their flaws, it’s still one of the best in the industry. Also, when you compare the two smart devices in terms of camera, Ring has a better camera view. This is because it has a much wider field of view compared to Zmodo.

In terms of night vision capability, both doorbells are great. Ring Wireless Doorbells comes with Infrared that enhances night vision while Zmodo’s night vision is not that bad either.

Rarely will you find a Ring doorbell customer complaining about the device misfunctioning after purchase. However, a few Zmodo’s customers have lodged complaints about the product being flawed soon after purchase. Moreover, the fact that Ring is dual powered increases its performance capability compared to Zmodo.



In terms of device coverage, Zmodo uses Beam Connect to extend its range and reduce dead spots. Beam Connect works with the existing Wi-Fi network and links it to your smartphone. With Beam Connect Zmodo Greet device will work better and will have better coverage.

Beam Connect also works with other Zmodo accessories such as window sensors to increase the range. Whenever any of the sensors is triggered, you’ll be alerted immediately. Even though Zmodo tries to extend its coverage using Beam Connect, it still falls short in a few areas.

Ring Wireless Doorbell provides its customers, especially customers living in large houses with a Range Extender. However, you have to pay a few extra bucks to purchase the Range Extender. It will cost you around $25, which is a bit fair since it comes with a 24-hour backup battery. The Range Extender is easy to install, you follow a few instructions, and you’re done.

Ring customers who live in large Mansions or have a big compound and require coverage in all areas will have to purchase more than one Range Extenders. This is because a single Range Extender covers a limited range. Hence additional units may be needed for large houses.


Other features

Zmodo has a free mobile app called Zmodo app that works flawlessly. You can use the app to connect to Wi-Fi. Additionally, it works hand in hand with the smart device and allows you to speak with your visitors directly from your phone. It also provides you with live video coverage access at any time. In case you don’t have a smartphone or access to a smartphone, then you can access the services offered by the app from the web. Lastly, Zmodo Greet Doorbell offers a Cloud service for their customers. This service will be of great help to use if you have extra bucks to spend. There’s a free trial plan that lasts for 30 days and gives new users a cloud recording plan for seven days. The cloud service plan allows you to review, share, and save footage.

To access Ring Wireless Doorbell, you can download their app from the Android Play store or iOS play store. The device will send notifications to all Ring connected devices in your household in case of any security alert. Additionally, you’ll have a complete view of your home 24/7 from the app.

If you choose not to install the app, you can still access Ring services using their website. Moreover, Ring has partnered with other third-party devices to ensure most of their customers are covered. Hence you can still have access to your Ring Wireless Doorbell from compatible devices.

Ring also has paid plans for its customers. You can subscribe to a Ring Basic plan which only provides you with a doorbell or a security camera. In addition, you receive a two months free plan of Live view events, as well as video recordings of motion alerts.

Thus you can choose to save or share the videos. It costs around $3 every month or $30 annually. There’s also another plan for premium Ring members called Ring Protect Plus. This is a 24/7 monitoring plan that comes with cellular backup for all your video recordings in case of an internet connection loss. Ring Protect Plus will cost you around $10 every month or $100 annually.


The installation of Zmodo Greet Doorbell shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes if you follow the instructions given carefully. In fact, you don’t need an expert or company representative to help you with the installation. You can do it on your at your own time. The company provides a user’s manual when you purchase the device. Hence, if you encounter any difficulty during installation, you can always check the manual.

You don’t need to be an electronics expert or techie to do it. Moreover, if you’re not confident enough, there are a lot of Youtube videos that provide a step by step guide on how to install the smart device.

Ring Wireless Doorbell provides its users with all the necessary tools for installation. The Ring security kit comes with a base station, which is the hub for all Ring devices and accessories. With all the tools provided, you can set up the smart device in less than 10 minutes. If you encounter any problem or difficulty installing a Ring Wireless Doorbell.

There a lot of Do It Yourself guides all over the internet that can be quite helpful. Other options, including contacting customer service by email, phone, or live chat. Installing a Ring Wireless Doorbell on your front door is a No brainer and will require minimal effort.


When you talk about popular smart doorbells, the debate on which the best smart device always come up. The top-rated and most liked smart devices are Zmodo Wireless Doorbell and Ring Wireless Doorbell. The two products have a lot of similar features and a few distinguishing features.

Zmodo is much cheaper while Ring doorbells are a bit pricier. Ring Wireless Doorbell is slightly better than Zmodo considering the fact that it’s dual-powered, powerful motion sensors and has a much better field of view.

The fact that Ring provides its users with a lifetime warranty also gives it an upper hand against Zmodo. However, if you’re working on a low budget, then Zmodo Wireless Doorbell is for you.

Ring and Zmodo Wireless Doorbells are some of the best devices in the Smart Doorbells industry. They both offer exceptional features and have an excellent design. This article has discussed all aspects of the two smart devices into detail. Furthermore, I’ve outlined the reasons why I think Ring Wireless Doorbell is a much better choice than Zmodo.

They’re both durable products with great functionality but basing on the overall performance Ring Wireless Doorbells are better. That said the final decision lies with you; you can choose to purchase either of the products that suit your needs best.