Wireless doorbells have made their impact on the market. A quick check on Amazon and other online retailers reveal that there are dozens of these gadgets. While you cannot ignore them, the options will most likely intimidate you. New technology is emerging every day with exciting features at every turn.

Besides, the security of your home is non-negotiable. We also noted that most homeowners avoid products that require them to subscribe for services that they can freely get elsewhere. Also, the battery life of a wireless doorbell has a significant influence on a buyer’s choice. Finally, we researched whether gadget installation would pose a challenge. Most users, including yourself, prefer a gadget that does not require them to incur an additional cost by calling an expert.

For these reasons, we decided to undertake a Yiroka Video Wireless Doorbell review. During our research, we observed that some of the best doorbell models retail at a higher price than the lower-end models. All in all, we concur that in every purchase that you make, quality is your guiding principle.

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Wireless Video Doorbell, YIROKA Doorbell Camera, IP55 Waterproof HD 720P Security Camera Real-Time Video Work 3600 Hour Battery PIR Motion Detection 3000+ Video Storage, Night Light

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  • 📱【Versatile&Small Size】YIROKA video doorbell is one of the smallest sizes in the industry, the designer has specially designed it according to the size of the American home door frame. With video intercom, photo, video, night vision, PIR and other functions to make your life more convenient.
  • 📱【IP55 WATERPROOF & ENERGY SAVING 】IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating; You don't have to worry about battery life is too short because Samsung 18650 3200mAH battery(full charge can support 3-6 months use), the big brand is safer. Please fully charge the device before use.
  • 📱【160° Viewing Angle with 720p Full HD】Get a crystal clear full-HD picture of your home, from anywhere at any time, and see up to 16ft away in the dark. Night-vision settings allow you to turn on, off, or adjust the sensitivity of your night-vision so that you can obtain the perfect picture of your home, day or night.
  • 📱【Equipped with Night Light receiver】Yiroka Doorbell Indoor Wireless ringtones so you don't miss any visitors. No need to replace batteries, save money, have human induction function, can be used as night lights at night, to prevent collisions.
  • 📱【Service guarantee】Please feel free to buy, if you have any questions, please contact us at the first time. If there is any problem with the quality of the product, you will be compensated for 3 times.Includes Lifetime Theft Protection: If your Doorbell gets stolen, we'll replace it for free,Supports 2.4G Wi-Fi connection, not 5G

Yiroka Wireless Doorbell Camera Review

Intense competition for consumer attention among smart doorbell manufacturers has led to some interesting inventions. The Yiroka video wireless camera has most of the features you would expect to find in a doorbell camera. These include notifications, live feeds, and sound abilities. There are no subscription fees plus you get 16GB storage capable of storing a week’s size of the content.


·        Comes with both day and night visions

·        Motion sensors for added nighttime security

·        Up to 6 months of battery life

·        No operating fees charged


·        Huge discrepancy in motion-detection settings

·        Motion detection less sensitive in comparison to similar competitor models

·        It cannot connect to multiple devices

·        It has delays between the time someone presses the doorbell and the time you view their image

Our verdict is that the Yiroka Video Wireless Camera is a simple device yet packs useful features. The supporting app works perfectly, and the product is affordable. However, if you live with a family, it may not serve you appropriately. We recommend it for single apartment living.


First Impressions

Once you unpack a Yiroka, there is nothing unique you will see. The device is smaller than your iPhone 6, but you will like the way it blends with your door porch. When it comes to the installation part, you can either use the screws or tape.

We recommend installing it using screws. The product comes with two screws that will keep it firmly on your door. At first glance, it does not look any different from other doorbells with a camera option. It has an aesthetic appeal that makes it blend with any porch design. You can have the doorbell up and running within minutes of purchase and delivery.

Once you have installed the product, look for its app on both iOS and Android stores. There are no complicated instructions, and everything is self-explanatory. The manufacturer does not bombard you with industry jargon or lengthy literature. Also, you do not need to log in or register to use the app.

Yiroka Wireless Doorbell


You will find the compact size suitable for the standard doorpost. Also, the device comes in water and dustproof casing. It has both night and day vision abilities, and you can switch to any with ease. It measures a sizeable 120mm x 45mm which is not bulky. Yiroka developers gave much thought to an average American door frame, and they excelled.

The IP55 rating waterproof abilities will impress you. For any product to achieve this standard, it must withstand water pressure from any side. It must not leak, and this makes the Yiroka perfect for the outdoors. The design allows it to withstand rain or hail. Also, during the dry months, it will not take in the dust.

Moving to the camera design, it has PIR detection that senses even the slightest movement at your front door. You can fine-tune the settings to achieve low, medium, or high sensitivity. Also, the camera has a vision angle range of 0-166 degrees. Also, the camera boasts of a 720p full HD picture quality.



·        Battery

The Yiroka has a 3200mAh battery with a standby time of 3-6 months when fully charged. Once you charge it for the first time, you can sit back and enjoy usage. You could even forget that you had a doorbell to recharge.

·        Camera

We cannot forget to mention the 720p HD camera. The initials ‘HD’ are an acronym for High Definition. Another term you will come across is the ‘resolution’ which refers to the pixels in a display object. The more pixels, the better. For HD display objects, their resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels or 720p.

·        Motion Detector

This camera has an advanced motion detection system. Once it picks a whiff of movement, it sends an instant notification to your phone.

·        Small size

The gadget size is 120mm (length) by 45mm (wide) which is one of the smallest among similar wireless doorbell models.

·        Waterproof

This doorbell does not take in water even during heavy downpours. It also keeps away dust. Both aspects add to the longevity of the product.



A 3200mAh battery that comes with the Yiroka ensures that you have between three to six months of uninterrupted use before the next recharge. Also, the doorbell has a chime with a plug-in to a power source. Once a visitor presses the bell, a ringtone alerts you of their presence.

The night mode vision is in black and white. However, this should not cause you to think that you will miss the details. Night mode picks as much information as does the day. Besides, if you see something from your phone and you would like to probe further, you can quickly turn on the security light. The light does not come with the product; we are referring to other lights installed in your compound.

If the image does not warrant checking it out further, you can still record it for the future. Under normal circumstances, the push notification on your phone prompts you to talk to the person on your doorstep. The device has a two-way in-built speakers for back and forth communication with clarity.

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The Yiroka doorbell provides a viewing angle of 160 degrees with a clear HD image. Viewing range is up to 16 feet. At such dimensions, you can see the porch together with the area spanning the front of your house. Besides, you can turn on night-vision settings and adjust the light sensitivity.

The camera works accurately capturing and relaying sharp images. Also, the image is stable, and you will not see shaky photos on your phone as is typical with other devices. Thanks to wi-fi technology, you can remotely view the images captured by your camera. Whether you are at work or in another part of town, you get the pictures on your phone so long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.



You can install the device using screws or attach to the doorpost via the adhesive tape provided. While the screws will keep the doorbell intact, using the tape is simpler. On our part, we recommend using screws. The tape might lose its stickiness with time, causing the product to fall from its place.

You do not need cables since this is a wireless device. However, for the screws, you will need a screwdriver. Most homeowners have at least a screwdriver in their toolbox, and we believe that you are not an exception. In case you do not own this tool, the self-adhesive tape will do just fine. It can hold the product to any surface for a long time.



From this Yiroka Video Wireless Doorbell review, you can see that the tiny product carries all the essential features you would look for in wireless doorbells. From HD camera shots and 166 degrees vision coverage, you have the assurance of a wide range of sight that goes beyond your doorstep.

Also, the two modes, i.e., day and night, pick up much detail. Despite the black and white images, the night vision is evident. A positive thing we observed in both modes is that either way, you still get a push notification on your phone whenever there is movement. Once the alert comes, you can view the image, save it or better yet, engage with your visitor.

Being a doorbell, it has a chime that belts out a ringtone as soon as someone presses the buzzer. If you like, you can set the bell to go off at night whenever the camera detects motion. This feature helps ensure that you do not ignore the phone alert, especially when it comes late in the night. Think of it as a burglar alarm.

We hope that you did not miss the product’s ability to withstand the elements. Recall that the device is both dustproof and waterproof. It works perfectly in all types of weather, leaving you confident that you purchased a product that lasts long and provides value for money.

Yiroka Wireless Doorbell