There might be so many choices when it comes to video doorbell cameras, and Vivint Doorbell Camera is certainly one of those.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Review

And the reason why we are bound to review the device is the substantial increase in the home security concerns of the everyday users like us.

Apart from the traditional choices like August Doorbell Cam and Ring Stick up cam, Vivint Doorbell caught our attention and hence the Vivint Doorbell camera review is up.

So, in this info-resource, we will be letting you know whom it is for, the pros and cons of Vivint camera doorbell, the alternatives and much more. In short, here you will have everything you need to know before buying the Vivint Doorbell camera.

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight to the Vivint video doorbell review:

Vivint Doorbell Camera Review

Let’s start off with the Pros and cons of Vivint doorbell:


  • Two-way audio.
  • Integration with Vivint smart home and SkyControl wall panel.
  • Live video feed with recording.
  • Video analytics.
  • Instant alerts.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Decent video quality.
  • Relatively high cost (Due to professional installation).
  • Monthly monitoring fee.

First Impression

Doorbell Cameras are made for the sole purpose of serving as Doorbells as well as security cameras and hence making your home an inviolable fortress.

Vivint doorbell camera

Not to much surprise, Vivint camera doorbell serves the same.

The first-hand impressions of the doorbell camera look promising with a streamlined design perfect for narrow door frames. If you like Ring doorbell pro model then the major chances are that you will also like the aesthetics of Vivint doorbell as well.

Though, it seems to have a slimmer design than the Ring Doorbell Pro.

The two soft keys on the Vivint doorbell camera out of which one is for easy accessing to the emergency contacts and the other one is for navigating back to the main menu makes it a good deal.

And you can reach out to the Vivint tech support anytime from the unobtrusive options straight from the main device.

The build quality is up to the mark.


Professional expertise is recommended even if you are a pro-DIY’er. That’s probably because it has to be paired with Vivint security system and you probably would not want to mess with the settings, right.

So, it is advised you to reach out a professional technician for the Vivint Doorbell camera installation.

Even the official sales page also recommends opting for a professional installation which might cost you extra, but it’s worth your time and efforts.

It can be installed at the same place where your existing doorbell is and can use the existing doorbell wiring and concerning the power, it requires at least 12 V. So, if you have an old transformer with 6-8 V of power supply then consider changing it.

You can call 855.457.9766 for professional installation.


When it comes to Vivint doorbell camera specs, there is a lot to be talked about.

But first thing first, that is it requires integration with the Vivint Smart home. Smart homes are like trending these days, and with things rolling out at such a pace, they might become a necessity one day.

And also, Vivint is a well-known face in that sphere.

So, if you are really into adapting new technology and in the interim, also want to safeguard your home, then this is what might be of your interest.

Afterall, “Prevention is better than cure.”

Vivint video doorbell camera

Apart from that, Vivint Doorbell camera is Wi-Fi enabled, and that means you are saved from the hassles of installing wiring and stuff to have that working.

The advance technology which seems to be missing in the counterparts of Vivint Doorbell camera is that feature of initiating recording whenever someone starts approaching the door.

Kind of interesting, right?

The video quality is 1080p which is pretty obvious as per industry standards along with a 120-degree field of view.

The advanced video analytics also comes under the ostentatious features of Vivint doorbell.

Also, whenever someone presses the doorbell, you get a live video feed delivered straight either to your smartphone or at the Vivint Skycontrol wall panel installed at your home.  

The fascinating thing that caught our attention was that if you are not at your home and some friend comes at your door, and you want to let him in then you can remotely disarm your security system and unlock the door by using the app on your smartphone.

That’s smart, ain’t it? Don’t you think that how convenient it would be?

Video recording feature up to 1TB is available which makes it more tempting as a hot product t consider while thinking to buy the best doorbell camera for your home.

Best Deal



Enough of the features, aesthetics and installation shit. Now, it’s time to hit the ground and see how it performs.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Since it is a doorbell camera, let’s first see how the Vivint doorbell camera video quality is?

To be very exact and precise, the video quality and the night vision won’t disappoint you and are above par. Motion activation is another added beauty to the product.

It provides a 180-degree wide angle view of your entire doorstep landscape.

Though it performs well in low-light conditions the night vision is not colored.

The main USP of Vivint doorbell camera is that it makes your home impregnable with the help of smart home and concerning the performance of the same, it works flawlessly.

The two-way audio helps you communicate, and the quality is stellar.

Vivint Doorbell comes with video recording up to 1 TB which can be stored in a DVR, and that’s something, not every other product in the niches offers. It’s exclusive and differentiates it from the counterparts.


Alternatives of Vivint doorbell camera

If you are looking for a smart doorbell cum video camera, then you can go for August Doorbell Cam or Ring stick up cam.

However, within such a range, you can also look for Ring doorbells as well as Skybell HD video doorbell.


Final Verdict

In a nutshell, this Vivint video doorbell is perfect for those who are seeking to install a full fleshed smart home system at their home.

You can also check out the other products of Vivint which are a part of Vivint Security system. Vivint has a wide array of products which are very essential for your family, home and for the people you care.

They have got security cameras, smart Locks, smart sensors, CO detectors and flood sensors. You can certainly check these products out if you ever feel the need to have it. Vivint is certainly a leader in this industry.

And since the price is relatively high, you might not want to miss out any of the smart features. So, go for this if you have a pretty handsome budget and want to explore the facility of a smart home.

Tenswall Wireless Doorbell


  • Design
  • Performance
  • Pricing


This doorbell is a must go if you are willing to spend a handsome amount and also want to leverage the smart home features.