A while back, when I was searching for the “Best Smart Doorbell” for my home, I encountered a handful of them (Though much choices aren’t available when it comes to the “best” standard).

Ring and Skybell were surely the part of the lot.

And like many of you, I faced the similar dilemma of “Skybell Vs Ring.

After thorough research, I can ascertain that I qualify for helping you in your quest of finding the best wireless video doorbell for your home and overcome the dilemma of “Skybell or Ring.”

In the meanwhile, do check out the “Doorbell Buying Guide” if you are buying a smart doorbell for the very first time. This will surely help you out.

Just to fasten the process, here is a quick comparison of Skybell HD, Ring Pro, and Ring doorbell.

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Skybell Vs Ring comparison Table

So, now you have a quick idea of some essential features in these smart doorbells. I’ll now take you to feature by feature comparison of these video doorbells. This will help you in finding the best solution for “Skybell Vs Ring.”


Skybell Vs Ring: Which one is the best?


Smart devices have to look smart, ain’t it?

In this world, where everyone is so peculiar about every other thing, why one should settle for a mediocre design? Well, that’s not the case with these smart doorbells.

Both Skybell and Ring pass the benchmark-setting the standards pretty high.

Do follow to read my comments on the individual designs.

Ring video doorbellRing Doorbell

It has seen a massive improvement ever since it has gone through the rebranding phase (Earlier it is used to be known as Doorbot).

Ring doorbell is comparatively smaller than the previous version but a little bulkier when compared to other smart doorbells like Skybell HD or Ring Pro.

Ring doorbell’s Satin Nickel color embellishes the doorbell to its best while three other color options are also available.

Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Inc. must have gone through the user feedbacks. That’s the reason why changes are visible in the Ring Pro doorbell.

Smaller than its predecessor, Ring pro is probably the best fit if you have a narrow door frame. With four interchangeable faceplates, you can always have a new look accordingly.

Skybell Vs RingSkybell HD

This cute little doorbell is the prettiest of the lot. With the color options of brushed aluminum and oil-rubbed bronze, this smart doorbell is bound to complement any home decor.



The installation part is what bothers most of the homeowners these days.

But if you are a DIY’er then that’s an icing on the cake. You will find it relatively more easy to install these two doorbells. And for the other side of the fence, it ain’t that tough either. So, you need not worry.

Ring Doorbell Installation

Since Ring is a dual powered smart doorbell. That means, either you can hard wire it or opt for the battery option.

For ease of installation, go for the battery option or select otherwise.

All the requisites come included in the package in a small tool kit. And if you opt for the battery option, you have to charge it first using the USB cable before mounting it. Ring claims that once fully charged, you won’t have to charge it further until 6-12 months but we all know that’s for ideal conditions.

Ring claims that once fully charged, you won’t have to charge it further until next year but we all know that’s for ideal conditions.

Though, not one year but the battery life is pretty impressive. Since Ring doorbell is bulkier in size, the chances are that it won’t fit the same place as where your existing doorbell sits. You have to find an alternative place for it.

Check Price of Ring

Ring Doorbell Pro Installation

On the other hand, Ring Doorbell Pro is essentially not battery operated, and you will require wiring to get it running.

The downside of Ring Doorbell which is, of course, the size issue has been taken care of and probably fits into the same place where your existing door chime is.

Professional expertise might be required while Ring doorbell pro installation.

Check Price of Ring Pro

Skybell HD Doorbell Installation

Skybell takes its time as it makes use of hard wiring.

At times, it is recommended to have a professional technician to install it; in case if you are not well versed with the tech of it.

However, there is a plethora of documentation available concerning the installation of Skybell HD which makes it kind of easy.

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Audio Quality

The Ring doorbell and Ring Doorbell Pro certainly paves its way when it comes to sound quality.

The delay factor is not at all concerning for the Ring Doorbell.

While talking of the Skybell HD Doorbell, it’s not bad at all, but the sound response had a minute delay for sure as compared to Ring and Ring pro doorbell.

Both the Ring doorbells stands out particularly in this aspect from Skybell HD.

Let us see some more points before you pass the judgment.

Video Quality:  Ring video doorbell vs Skybell

This section is where the battle becomes interesting.

Let’s follow up the text to find out who is the winner of this chapter.

Skybell HD Doorbell video quality

The Skybell HD Doorbell offers the end user with a plethora of customizable features regarding this aspect.

The Skybell is way more customizable regarding video quality as it allows you to customize the video quality up to 1080p (The performance is subject to the wifi connection speed).

Skybell vs Ring

So, if you have any internet speed issues, you can always downgrade your quality so that you can still be knowing who’s at your door without any lags.

The colored night vision works exceptionally well, and with 5x Zoom capability, there is nowhere else to look for when it comes to video concerns.

Ring Doorbell

On the other hand Ring wireless doorbell carries a 720p HD camera with exceptional brightness and viewing angles.Skybell vs Ring

Though not colored, Ring’s Night vision serves the same purpose. Occasional lags and fitful video feeds can be experienced in Ring doorbell.

The motion sensor is also present in both and is discussed in great detail later in this article.

You will be able to distinguish between Ring vs Ring pro only after you read about the video quality of Ring pro.

Ring Doorbell Pro

With 160 degrees field of view, 1080p HD video quality and customizable motion zones, Ring Doorbell Pro is also a good option to consider. The night vision feature automatically falls into place under low-light conditions.

Unlike, Skybell, Ring pro doesn’t have the facility to opt for low video quality.

Ring pro video

So, if you have an erratic wifi connection, I regret to say, you will be disappointed with Ring pro.

Ring video Doorbell 2

This new addition to the Ring doorbell family is certainly a killer. It is loaded with all new features with a 1920 x 1080p full HD video quality along with 160 degree field of view.

One ostentatious feature about this is that it comes with dual power technology. That is, you can either Hardwire it or you can use the long lasting battery with comes along with it.

However, the video storage feature is paid or subscription based as in other Ring doorbells.

Unlike Ring video Doorbell, Ring doorbell 2 has colored night vision.

And if you want to know about the live video feed then it is very prompt and sturdy. You can trust on that.

By the way, you might be interested in who wins the Ring vs Ring pro vs Ring video doorbell 2 battle. So, make sure you visit that piece of information as well.

In a nutshell, Skybell HD seems to lead this section with an exceptional margin, and you can consider this fact while making your final call.

So, taken as a whole, Skybell is a better option when considering Skybell vs Ring ‘s video quality.


Battery Usage

The Ring turns out with an inbuilt battery, and it’s a rechargeable one, which you can also adjust it with the current doorbell wiring of your home.

On the other hand, Skybell HD does have an internal battery but its only for power regulation. 

Make sure the professionals can make a proper installation and thus you can use it without any worries.

Also, the Ring pro version doesn’t utilize the batteries instead it has to be connected via hard-wiring.

So, the winner of Skybell HD vs Ring in this aspect is entirely up to you. If you are okay with using the doorbell with wiring then you can opt for Skybell or Ring Pro, Otherwise Ring classic is your best bet. 

Motion Sensors

Motion sensing technology piqued my interest, and I was bound to check that feature as soon as I got my hands on these doorbells.

It won’t be wrong if we say that the motion sensor in Ring doorbell pro is ultra-customizable. You can segregate your property by sensitivity zones.

Skybell or Ring

So, you can now make your driveway and street view fall under the roof of more sensitive zone than the other half of your property.

Whereas talking about the Skybell doorbell, you only get the option of high, medium and low and no or less customization at all.

Though, this motion sensor feature can be annoying at times as it may send you false alerts but as the concern is about the security, you can certainly bear with that, no?

Even though, this motion sensor feature is available in both Skybell and Ring but, Ring is way ahead in this aspect as compared to the Skybell video doorbell.


Other Features- Skybell vs Ring Doorbell

These wireless doorbell systems thus help you to protect your family from any intruders, and you can stay safe.

You can easily find the video knowing the identity of the person that would be useful to know whether you would open the door.

Cloud Recording

Skybell, Ring and Ring Pro all comes with cloud recording feature but to use that feature in Ring doorbells; you have loose your money at the rate of $3 per month for 60 days.

While Skybell offers cloud recording for free hence, giving you yet another reason for considering Skybell over Ring.

Web App

The web app feature is available for Ring doorbells, but Skybell HD doesn’t let you leverage the web interface.

Third-party Integrations

Skybell HD integrates flawlessly with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Nest whereas, Ring and Ring Pro also works well with IFTTT and wink.

Mobile App

You don’t need to install separate apps for both the Ring doorbells. One single Ring app works well with iOS and Android operating system. The software setup is also easy like shooting fish in a barrel.

On the contrary, Skybell HD also works with Android and iPhones.

Only, you need to install the Apps, and it would become easier for you to watch the videos at your ease. In this way, you can handle the entire procedure successfully comprehending the real time benefits.

The Skybell also comes out with temperature sensor while Ring is not equipped with the particular attribute. Also, the photo snapping feature in Skybell is a good one, which you won’t find in Ring.

Live streaming is available on all the devices mentioned over here.

FAQ’s about Skybell Vs Ring

In this section, I have accumulated all sort of frequently asked questions concerning “Skybell Vs Ring” discourse. So, if any of such questions are troubling your head then stroll down a bit, you might find the answer right here.

Also, we will keep on updating this section FAQ section about Skybell Vs Ring so that your queries get answered.

1) Which doorbell is best if I have a pre-existing doorbell and want to upgrade, Skybell or Ring?

That again completely depends on what else you are looking for in a smart doorbell? Just to ease your task a bit, here is what I can tell you:

Ring Doorbell Classic is dual powered and has an excellent battery life. So, you can either connect it to your existing wires or run it completely on battery. The choice is yours.

On the contrary, Ring pro needs to be hard wired.

On the other hand, Skybell requires a full-time power and in the meanwhile, is also compatible with a secondary power source of 10-36 VAC 10 VA. Though not necessary but it is preferable to have an existing doorbell while upgrading to Skybell. Even though, Skybell has an internal battery

2) What is the Internet requirements for Skybell and Ring?

Ring doorbells and Skybell HD are perfectly compatible with B, G, N wifi networks.

As far as the internet speeds concerns are taken into consideration, it is recommended to have 2 MBPS download an upload speed to experience the best streaming in Ring Doorbell Pro.

Skybell HD recommends having 1.5 MBPS download and upload speed for a flawless experience.

3) Can I have multiple Skybell doorbells at my home?

Yes, you can.


Alternatives of Skybell Vs Ring

This informative piece wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the alternatives of Skybell or Ring.

Alternative of Skybell vs Ring

For that matter, do you want to peek into what other alternatives you have?

If yes, then the following 1 min read is all yours.

So, it’s officially August Doorbell vs Skybell vs Ring.

After ten’s of hours of research, we have come to the conclusion that the best possible alternative of Skybell vs Ring is August Doorbell Cam.

We have covered a full August Doorbell Review, so, you can get an in-depth insight of what’s in there for you.

In a nutshell, August Doorbell Cam is one of the best security cameras in the sphere and serves you with full ability.

With HD camera, smartphone alerts and recordings, you get a plethora of features and a better alternative of Skybell and Ring.

Other than the above mentioned, you can always look for Ring pro doorbell.

Alternatively, Zmodo Greet Doorbell is also one of the options for you and if you are looking for cost effective option then you can go for Vivint video doorbells.

[Updated: 11/03/2018]: Skybell trim plus vs Ring Pro

This Skybell Trim plus vs Ring pro is the latest topic of debate in the doorbell arena. Reason being the similarities in the features that both of them offers.

Skybell Trim plus vs ring pro

You know about what features Ring Pro has to offer, so, let’s give you a walkthrough of Skybell trim plus features.

Skybell trim plus comes with 1080p HD video quality accompanied  by fully colored night vision.

Unlike Ring, Skybell Trim offers cloud recording in no additional price, that means, it is abslolutely free. That is certainly an area where Skybell trim has an edge over Ring Pro.

Like all other smart doorbells, it is weather and rain proof.

The manufactures claim that the installation procedure is so simple that you can do it all by yourself. That means, you need not be dependent on any third party technician for your installation.

Skybell Trim can easliy be integrated with frontpoint and it works seemlessly.

What we personally liked is that the design gives tough competition to the Ring products and its sleek, elegant and seems to blend in perfectly with any kind of home decor.

One disadvantage that you’ll probably face is that it doesn’t have motion zones. That may be a downside for you. Other than that, this Skybell is an absolute gem.

When compared to Ring Pro, they both have their own pros and cons. If you want custom motion zones then go for Ring pro but if you want free cloud recording with somewhat same features as Ring Pro, you can definitely go for Skybell Trim Plus.

Find the Right Place to Buy

Next, after you decide to purchase the doorbell equipped with advanced technologies you need to get to the right place from where you can get the authenticated stuff.

You should always consider the USPs of Skybell & Ring, and thus you can easily manage the system in your way.

It should have good Smartphone compatibility ensuring that you can use it with a user-friendly backdrop. It should be both iOS and Android compatible getting access to all smart options.

In this way, you can find the right one from Skybell vs Ring confusion that helps you to go quicker.

You can search the local classifieds from where you can find the stores. Or, you can always buy it online via Amazon. For your convenience, we will be providing you the appropriate links right below.

[Update]: You can now have your hands on at the new Ring video doorbell 2. We have covered a comprehensive news on this very subject and thought that you would like to have a look.

Ring video doorbell 2 has everything that you would require from a smart doorbell and that’s the same reason why it piqued our interest and got mentioned over here.

Along side Skybell vs Ring, we have compared all the three-ring doorbells, would you like to have a look, please. Here is the link.


With this, we rest our case on Skybell Vs Ring here and leave the decision up to you.

We know, all the facts we have equipped you with, you will be able to make a careful decision.

The whole debate boils down to the point of “what are you looking for?”

If you want the flexibility of dual-powered doorbell along with decent HD quality, the Ring doorbell is a bang for buck product for you.

And if you are highly concerned about the security and wants advanced motion-sensing technology to safeguard your loved ones, Ring doorbell pro serves you at your disposal.

Else, Skyebell HD serves you best when you need the free cloud storage technology with customizable video quality up to 1080P.

Other experts may have different opinions on Skybell Vs Ring debate, but this is how it worked for us.

So, you better decide on your own depending upon the needs you want to be catered with these smart home devices.

Would you care to tell us that who you think is the ultimate winner of this battle of Skybell Vs Ring?

And if you own any of the doorbells (Skybell or Ring) then don’t forget to tell us the good and bad about them.

You always have the privilege to make use of the comment box down below for that matter.

We would love to hear your views on Skybell Vs Ring.

Stay tuned and keep visiting.