A smart doorbell will not only add a stylish modern look to your home but also make it secure. It can also be an asset in your home by controlling and automating systems for entertainment and comfort. However, if you’re going to invest money into a smart doorbell, then you should buy a good doorbell that will function well for a long time flawlessly.

There are different smart doorbells out there that promise good features at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, they can’t be trusted because they fail to measure up to the expectations of consumers. Skybell HD and Ring Pro are two smart doorbells that have the highest ratings, good design, unique features, highly durable and the best on the market.

You should consider buying either of these two doorbells if you’re searching for the best doorbell. In this article, we’ll review Skybell HD and Ring Pro to help you decide the smart doorbell to purchase.

Skybell HD vs Ring Pro Wireless Doorbell

We’ll compare Ring Pro and Skybell HD doorbells and talk about their features. We’ll also publish some comparison tables and give our verdict that will conclude our Skybell HD vs. Ring Pro review. Thereafter, we’ll choose one of the doorbells as the best digital doorbell.


Let’s begin the review.

First Impressions

Skybell HD has great design, compelling features and is durable. It is also equipped with free clip storage, on-demand live streaming, 1080p resolution and is compatible with Nest and Amazon Echo.

When it comes to the Ring Pro doorbell, it performs better, looks better than the previous model and has some innovative features. Like Skybell HD, we’ll talk about every feature of Ring Pro and evaluate how it compares to its rival.


Skybell HD wireless doorbell

Skybell HD

Skybell is well known for its stylish design. It looks fantastic and is made of durable materials. Compared to the earlier version, Skybell HD has upgraded its design. Though design depends on personal taste, it would be fair to say that a majority of Skybell HD users are attracted to the doorbell’s looks. Color options include oil-rubbed and brushed aluminum bronze. This smart doorbell will compliment your home décor.

Ring Pro Wireless Doorbell

Ring Pro

Ring Pro is quality-made, has advanced features and an eye-catching and ultra slim design. It’s equipped with 4 interchangeable colors you can choose to suit your home design or individual preference. Ring Pro is comparatively smaller but a little bulkier when compared to Skybell HD. If you’ve a narrow door frame, Ring Pro is the best fit.

Audio Quality

Skybell HD

The sound quality of this doorbell is clear and loud. So, you won’t experience any problems while talking to your visitors. You’ll be able to hear what they’re saying.

Ring Pro 

Ring Pro sound is crystal clear due to a great audio system. The sound quality will enable you to communicate well with your guests.

Video Quality

Skybell HD

The Skybell doorbell offers users a number of customizable features regarding the quality of audio. Skybell is more customizable as it enables you to customize video quality up to 1080p. The performance depends on Wi-Fi connection speed since the quality of images and videos improves when the Wi-Fi signal is strong.

However, you can downgrade your quality if you’re experiencing any internet speed issues. This will enable you to identify the person in front of your door without any lags. With 5x zoom capability, the colored night vision works well. You won’t have to adjust the settings because this doorbell has a smart system that adjusts the camera automatically for day and night.

As for the motion detection system, it isn’t perfect because it sometimes does send false alerts. However, it differentiates human activity easily from vehicles. Skybell HD has 3 motion sensitivity levels which include low, medium and high. You can change them to suit your preferences. For instance, you can adjust the sensitivity level to low during the night to avoid getting a false alert when asleep.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro has exceptional viewing angles and brightness as it’s equipped with a 720p HD camera. It’s not colored but the night vision feature is good and captures sharp images. However, occasional blurred video feeds and lags can be experienced with this smart doorbell.

Ring Pro’s motion detection system is almost flawless because of a feature known as “customizable alert zones”. The feature helps combat false alerts problems that digital doorbells equipped with motion detection systems usually experience.

With Ring Pro doorbell, you can detect motion in a particular area e.g. a busy place to avoid false alerts. To achieve this, select custom motion zones to enable the motion sensor to trigger after detecting activity in that specific area.


ModelSkybell HDRing Pro
Field of View180⁰160⁰
Frames per Second15 FPS15 FPS
Video Resolution720p/1080p HD1080p HD
Zoom5x zoomYes
Dimensions2.8 x 0.9 x 2.8 inches1 x 2 x 4.5 inches
Operating TemperatureBetween -40 & 140⁰ FBetween -5⁰ F to 120⁰ F
Night ViewFull colour night vision of up to 15ftInfrared night vision


Skybell HD

Skybell HD offers great features such as the free cloud storage that enables you to save recorded videos for free. However, the doorbell has some flaws. The motion sensors lag time drives some users crazy. They only start functioning when the guest is already gone.

The camera quality isn’t bad as it captures quality videos but it isn’t as good as Ring Pro’s camera capabilities. Also, though the Wi-Fi signal’s quality is linked with the live feed quality, it still lags behind compared to Ring Pro. 

The night vision is great due to the colored vision they offer instead of black and white. When it comes to the two-way audio, it’s a bit unclear. Sometimes it malfunctions making it difficult to communicate with visitors. This is a huge issue since you may not be able to talk to visitors when you’re not home.

Another issue is the delayed notifications. Sometimes it delays sending alerts meaning if anything serious happened, you won’t be notified immediately. Compatibility with Alexa is good. You can instruct your echo to record a video, take a picture or switch off the quiet mode.

Though Skybell has some issues, it is still a great doorbell you should consider buying as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Ring Pro

When Ring Pro detects some motion activity, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone. You’ll also get an alert if you’ve a Chime installed. The two-way audio also works well. You can talk to your visitors directly even when you’ve travelled. This is convenient if the visitor wants to leave a parcel as you can give additional details about what to do next.

The doorbell’s motion detection system is great. However, sometimes you may receive false alerts. But this happens when you forget to change the sensitivity levels. For instance, you can get some false triggers from tree sways and trucks, but this will settle as soon as you lower the sensitivity. 

You can use the “customizable motion zones” if lowering the sensitivity levels doesn’t help to minimize the false trigger cases. It’s advisable to customize the front yard area in case you live near the street.

Another Ring Pro’s outstanding feature is the night vision even though it is black and white. You’ll experience some pixelated videos while viewing the live feed at night. This is may be due to Wi-Fi connectivity issues.  

Consider having the Chime Pro if you’re experiencing Wi-Fi problems as it extends Wi-Fi coverage. It will also enhance the overall performance of your Ring Pro doorbell and the live stream.


Skybell HD

Skybell outranks other smart doorbells’ video recording systems as it has a 1080p high-definition camera with a 180⁰ field of view. It also takes good pictures because of the zooming feature it has. You can zoom out or in while speaking to someone.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro records 1080p images with a 160⁰ field of view. The doorbell captures colorful footage which you can save in the cloud and view later. You can also zoom in the video but the image gets blurred when you do so.

Other features

To help you grasp the essentials, we’ve created the following tables highlighting Skybell HD and Ring Pro other features. But first, let’s take a look at the following features:

Cloud Storage

Another feature that’s worth discussing is cloud storage system. Both smart doorbells offer the feature. However, Skybell’s cloud storage is free while subscription is required in order to use Ring Pro’s cloud storage. It saves a lot of footage but when the storage is full, you can just delete the footage you no longer need so as to free up some space. It’s important to note that Skybell won’t remove old pictures and recordings you may still want to keep.

Mobile App

It’s crucial for a digital doorbell to have a functional mobile app to command and monitor and also control it. If the application isn’t built well, it will affect your user experience.

Skybell HD

There’s an Android and iOS app available for Skybell. You can use the application to view recorded images and watch live feeds. Skybell offers you a lot of freedom. For instance, you can deactivate or adjust its sensitivity, activate the motion sensors and turn the outdoor and indoor chimes off and on.

You should also test all the 4 video qualities so as to know the one that works well for you. The difference between 1080p and 720p is minimal. However, it takes a lot of time to download 1080p videos.

The good thing about the application is that when it detects motion, you can capture an image and take a picture of your visitor while they’re ringing the bell. Overall, the app is great as it rarely crash.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro’s mobile application is easy to understand, user-friendly and well-built. You won’t require another app to control the doorbell if you already have other Ring Pro’s devices. The app is excellent since it provides a lot of control features and insights.

You can adjust sensitivity levels, check battery life and the health of your device, review recorded videos and watch the live feed. In addition, you can customize motion zones which are available for Android and iOS devices from your mobile apps.

Another awesome feature of the Ring Pro doorbell is the “notification schedule.” You can schedule it in advance so that the sound doesn’t interrupt at inappropriate times. The mobile app also enables you to grant access to family members by allowing them to monitor activity.

Third-Party Integrations

Skybell HD integrates easily with Nest, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT while Ring Pro works well with Wink and IFTTT.

Web App

This feature is only available for Ring Pro doorbells. Skybell HD doesn’t allow you to see the web interface.


Skybell HD

Skybell HD FeaturesDetails
Weather ResistantYes. Able to withstand harsh conditions
Motion SensorDetects activity up to 8ft away due to its advanced motion sensor that alerts users about guests even without pressing the bell
Video RecordingOffers free 7 day recording feature
LED Indicator Light16 mil color combo
Warranty1-year and a free doorbell replacement in case of theft
Colors AvailableBronze and Silver
Wi-Fi SupportYes
Android and IOS CompatibilityYes
On-Demand VideoYes
One-Way & Two-Way Audio and VideoYes
Silent Doorbell ModeYes


Ring Pro

Ring Pro FeaturesDetails
Motion SensorAdvanced. It has the “customizable motion zones” feature
Audio StreamingTwo-Way with noise cancellation
Camera1080p wide-angle HD video
Night VisionIn-built and uses LED technology
Cloud RecordingAutomatically starts to record after detecting motion which you can view later
Weather ResistantYes
Customizable alert ZonesYes

Ring Pro provides other important features. For instance, you can view and share video with your colleagues and download activity of up to six months. You can also save your content as long as you want.

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Skybell HD

It takes some time to install Skybell HD since it’s a wired doorbell. Some people may think that it’s difficult to set up this doorbell and even opt to look for a professional technician to do the job. However, installing Skybell HD is easy and only lasts a few minutes.

Follow these guidelines to help you with the set up

  •       The first thing you should do is to remove your old doorbell
  •       You’ll then need to select the correct mounting plate
  •       Attach the plate where you want it mounted
  •       Connect the wires to Skybell HD’s wires
  •       Your Skybell doorbell is now fully functional
  •       Ensure you tighten the screws to prevent the doorbell from falling off

After attaching the doorbell, download the Skybell HD application and connect it. The installation process is quite easy and you won’t have any trouble figuring it out.

Although theft isn’t a huge problem, some users worry their doorbells might get stolen. But, seriously, which burglar steals doorbells? And thinks, “I’m gonna embark on a mission of stealing all the doorbells in my neighborhood!”

In the event that such an incident happens, Skybell has a theft replacement guarantee. This means if your digital doorbell is stolen, Skybell will make a free replacement.

Ring Pro

Ring Pro is also a dual powered doorbell meaning you can either go for the battery option or opt to hard wire it. But it’s easy to install and set up isn’t a chore as some people may assume. If you choose the battery option, charge it first before mounting it using the USB cable.

Guidelines on How to Install Ring Pro Doorbell

  •       Remove the existing doorbell
  •       Connect the wires to Ring Pro plate
  •       Attach the wires to the 2 screws in the plate
  •       Install the diode (comes with the Ring kit)
  •       Secure the plate to the doorframe
  •       Drive the screws into your doorframe and through holes in the plate using a screwdriver
  •       Download Ring Pro App to your smartphone to create an account
  •       Open the app and follow the installation process
  •       Check the video quality by pressing Ring Pro’s front button
  •       If you like quality, attach Ring Pro to the plate
  •       Tighten the security screws using the screwdriver


Both Ring Pro and Skybell HD smart doorbells have their drawbacks and benefits. Skybell provides colored footage at night and an increased field of view, making it great for wide coverage of the front door. However, motion detection doesn’t activate for long and is basic. This doesn’t measure up to the doorbell’s use as a security device.

The Ring Pro sends instant alerts after detecting activity in your custom motion zones thus providing more comprehensive security coverage. It also offers a big space for video footage and a variety of design customization. We truly feel Ring Pro should be your number 1 choice if you want to buy the best digital doorbell on the market.