There are many choices in the market when it comes to smart doorbells. But only a few offers you a high degree of satisfaction in terms of security and conveniences at your home. For that reason, we’ve got some of the leading models that really work for a better cause; the Skybell HD and the August Pro Doorbells.

As Skybell HD might be a strong an incredible doorbell, keep in mind that one of the essential strengths offered by August Doorbell Pro is excellent integration with other smart products.

Below we’ll compare the Skybell HD vs. August Pro doorbells to reform your sense of where these smart door products surpass and where they fall short.

But before jumping on that, let’s have some bit of introduction to these doorbells.

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Skybell HD WiFi Doorbell Camera 1080p Color Night Vision Bronze

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as of July 2, 2022 7:52 pm


  • Integration with home automation devices - i.e. set up rules to automatically turn on the porch lights when motion is detected at night
  • 1080P, full color night vision, silence chime, on-demand video and recorded clips, two-way audio, motion sensor, multiple user capability
  • You must have an subscription to use this camera. Doorbell will not work standalone.

August Doorbell Cam Pro, 2nd generation Wired Smart doorbell, with 24hr FREE video storage, Works with Alexa

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as of July 2, 2022 7:52 pm


  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Always home. Real-time alerts, HD video and two-way audio makes it easy to answer your door as if you were home.
  • Know who's there from anywhere. Get real-time alerts on your phone whenever someone approaches your doorstep, even when you're not home.
  • Never miss a moment. August Doorbell Cam Pro records and stores video of each moment at your door. The free, Basic VideoRecording subscription, lets you replay any videos from the last 24 hours. Upgrade to Premium Video Recording to access 30 days of stored video recordings.
  • Let guests in from your phone. Doorbell Cam Pro pairs with all August Smart Locks to easily let guests into your home.

First Impression

Skybell HD is one of the thrilling smart doorbells from a Skybell.  Besides being a well-known manufacturer, Skybell is also a competitive company that has truly elevated its product to a different level.

Skybell HD is one of the most top incredible doorbells with a lucrative look right from the sight. Although we’ll discuss a lot about this model, some of its notable features include a fashionable design, great features, and excellent performance.

August Pro also a great smart doorbell with pretty good features. The model is manufactured by a smart lock company famously known as Smart August. the company joined the industry with a smartly crafted doorbell; the August Pro.

Just like Skybell HD, the model comprises of a lot of incredible features, fashion/design and performances.


Installation process

Skybell HD:  Just like most of the doorbell models, Skybell HD is a wired smart doorbell. Skybell HD needs to be connected to your current doorbell wires.

Though we shall cover much more about this model, Skybell HD Doorbell includes an excellent manual for users. It also comes with everything necessary for installation.

August Doorbell Cam Pro: August Doorbell should be installed the same way as other doorbells though there is one thing you should know. August Doorbell pro comes with strange dimensions; It’s square.

It’s quite apparent that the company wanted to introduce a unique doorbell, which they succeeded. However, the success now comes with a drawback as the square shape featured by August may fail to fit in the available space.

Before you purchase an August Doorbell Pro, be sure of the available space for your doorbell. If it fits with the model’s dimensions, go on and hit the order button. Otherwise, you’ll have to find an alternative.

Up to that, both doorbells are excellent, and the installations are pretty straightforward. But because of the August comes with a weird dimension, the Skybell HD wins.



Apparently, smart doorbell shoppers will prefer something that enables a visual aspect of their home. No one would like a naff-looking doorbell, considering that it’s the first thing visitors will see.

Taking a look at Skybell HD and August Doorbell Cam Pro, they both look gorgeous.

Though this particular part is mostly based on personal preferences, several things are calling for a discussion.

 Skybell HD Doorbell

Skybell HD:

With all the goodies, the Skybell HD doorbell can be ranked the second most popular Skybell 2.0. One thing that you like without a doubt is the design it features. The company must have paid a lot of improving the smallest details for Skybell HD. In fact, a mere touch is enough for you to feel its quality.

Skybell HD comes in two colors, that is either silver or black. Most people often comment on how stunning Skybell HD appears at the entrance.

Rationally speaking, Skybell HD model features a beautiful design, and it cultivates most people’s attention. Additionally, it’ll observably improve your home’s look.

By just looking at it, it displays a gorgeous look. There might be other highly rated models, but Skybell is undoubtedly among the best-looking doorbells.

 August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Pro:

August Doorbell Cam Pro has a unique design. August has worked really hard to make this a success, and they immersed with one of the best-looking models.

Due to its unique square shape, August Doorbell pro owners have reported that they often receive compliments from their visitors.

After going through numerous reviews, it’s evident that the major thing buyers have in common is that they all love August design.

If we can rank the two doorbells based on design, August stands out with the most points.



 It’s substantially crucial that the camera should be of high quality since our security heavily relies on it.

To get a detailed view of outdoor activity, you’ll require a good camera. Both Skybell HD and August Doorbell Pro comes with HD cameras, and they can capture sweet quality pics and vids.

But it’s important to understand which one is superior and whether both offer recording features or perks.

Before getting any further, let’s see what each has to offer.

Skybell HD:

Skybell HD provides a 5x digital zoom. It also comes with a 1080HD camera that takes the best shots, of course, better August Doorbell Pro.

Skybell HD elevated the camera range into a higher level. Besides having the capabilities, the camera also gives you cloud storage free of charge. It’s also good to mention something about Skybell HD’s night vision.

Unlike other doorbell models, Skybell HD incorporates a smart system. That means you don’t have to adjust the camera now and then.

Skybell HD comes with a 180-degree field of view. This a reasonably wide-angle that makes the whole area visible.

August doorbell Pro:

As stated earlier, August Doorbell Pro has a really good camera. It has a 960p HD camera that takes nice and precise shots.

The only drawback of August Pro is that it does not support cloud recording and therefore, it can’t record videos.

The only way you can test the video’s quality is by using the on-demand live stream. The quality of the vids and pics is more than enough. Plus, there’re high chances that soon, August will introduce the cloud recording feature.

August Doorbell Pro a 120-degree field of view. The angle is a bit short, causing some blind spots.

If you have a large yard, August Doorbell won’t manage to monitor the whole area. It might miss some activities, and if, for instance, a burglar takes the advantage, you might be robbed without noticing.

The combination of zoom and the much superior field implies that the Skybell HD does a better job providing a comprehensive picture of your home’s entry.


Video Quality

The video resolution of the Skybell HD is of significantly better quality. This might be substantial when it comes to accuracy in identifying visitors as well as reviewing security footage upon certain events like crime.

With a 1080p HD video resolution that is recorded at 30FPS, Skybell HD will give you a better picture compared to the August pro, which has a resolution of 920 HD and 30 FPS recordings.

The August pro still has a good quality resolution which better compared to 720p resolution that you’ll see with many cameras. However, this does not mean that outdo what’s brought on the table by Skybell HD.


Audio Quality

Audio quality matters a lot and a great way to keep off potential thieves or even to communicate with your guest approaching your door.

Audio quality is one of the features that both doorbells have in common. Both Skybell HD and August feature two-way audio. This makes them remain at per as far as audio quality is concerned.

Also, there is the silent mode on both the Skybell HD and August Doorbells. The gives you the freedom to disable indoor chime, to rely on notifications from your phone rather than the ringing mechanical doorbell. It’s an excellent way to stay aware of every activity at your door.



Live view on demand. Both Skybell HD and August Doorbell Pro offers the ability to monitor your entryway whenever you like with live view on demand.

Night Vision– most cameras use infrared lights to add in night vision. The Skybell and August Doorbell Pro utilizes a LED-based technology instead. This illuminates the front of your home upon motion detection to capture a full-color pic.

Motion Sensor– like video and audio quality, the motion sensor is a vital aspect of your security. Motion detection systems alert you when a door activity is detected. The motion sensor can also alert you when someone is standing next to your door or when there’s a strange thing happening nearby.

Rationally speaking, every smart door should have a highly advanced motion center to cater to all the said performances. Luckily, both Skybell HD and August Doorbell Pro have the motion detection system.

Let’s talk about the motion detectors and find out which doorbell comes with the best one.

Skybell HD

Skybell HD has a good motion sensor. There’re maybe other doorbells better motion detectors, but works Skybell HD’s motion detector works pretty well.

Skybell HD has three sensitivity levels and in case the doorbell sends a lot of false notifications, you can just adjust the sensitivity from high to low.

In other words, Skybell HD has a recommendable motion detection system. Although there are more satisfied customers than unhappy ones, the model it’s still improving.

August Doorbell Pro

In terms of motion detector advancement, August Doorbell Pro does not match with other leading doorbell models. Though this doesn’t mean the Skybell HD is far much better.

We stated that one of the primary reasons for having smart doorbells is security purposes and since Skybell HD outdo August Doorbell Pro, it goes with the most points for that.



Another significant aspect of our review is to see if both doorbells can be integrated with other available smart gadgets.

Many people have smart systems, and most of them want them to be connected. Let’s find out what kind of products these two doorbells support.

Skybell HD

Skybell HD is typically supportive, meaning they can be connected with a variety of products, unlike many smart doorbells. Skybell HD can be combined with smoke alarms and security cameras. Another plus is that it can work with popular smart lock companies such as Kevo, Lockitron, Lockstate, and Kisi. In addition, the model supports IFTTT.

August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Cam Pro is quite friendly and can pair with August’s Keypads, August smart locks, and August connect. More so, August can work with Nest integration as well as harmony home systems.

The Skybell still leads the race when it comes to Specifications.

Other Features

Each doorbell, in our case, has its own mobile applications. We want them to receive notifications, to answer doorbells, review footage, talk with visitors, and many other things besides.

So, let’s find out more about the apps and see which doorbell has the best advancements in mobile applications.

Skybell HD

Skybell HD has a pretty good and dedicated mobile apps, different from other Skybell models such as Skybell 2.0’s. Its HD applications allow you to perfume things like; changing the image quality that is, 480p, 720p, (good), 720p (better) and 1080p.

Skybell HD’ application enables you to manage several doorbells, review outdoors activities from up to one week, change the sensitivity levels, the LED color, and motion sensors. You can even turn it off.

However, the app comes with some issues and glitches that could call for improvement.

August Doorbell Pro

August Doorbell Cam Pro features a friendly mobile application that gives you a lot of freedom. The mobile apps enable you to control your August Smart Locks, August Keypads, August connect and August Doorbell.

You can ideally make your home more smart and secure by pairing other August products.

The August app help you several August Doorbells and even the access to the smart locks with family members. You can review the outdoor activity, get notifications, for example, when your doorbell goes offline and talking with visitors.


Our verdict

It’s a critical decision to make since both doorbells have something that makes them unique and desirable. But taking a going back to their points, Skybell HD leads the race with 4 points.

If you search the doorbells on Amazon, you’ll find that customers are more satisfied Skybell than August Pro. Skybell HD comes with successful products though it’s quite common to find unsatisfied customers on both Doorbells.

August Pro is a nice Doorbell, and it can keep up with Skybell. Its downline stems from the fact that it has a short cloud recording of up to 24h. Although there’re further subscriptions to upgrade the footage review up to 30h, August Doorbell Pro 2nd generation still lags behind.

Skybell HD comes with a footage review of up to 7 days, which is far better than August Pro. Otherwise, if such features are introduced, the August Pro could be re-evaluated.

The features that we can select from Skybell HD are the excellent camera capabilities and the free cloud footage recording. Without forgetting that Skybell supports IFTTT. That pretty much that we can say about this doorbell.

For the August Pro, the only significant thing that we can like is that it can be integrated with other products from the company. This is an enormous advantage could you be having any August products.

To that far, the best advice a professional would offer is to go for a Skybell HD Doorbell. It works flawlessly as evidenced by many Skybell HD owners, Most likely, you’re not of any difference.

Reports have it that some August Pro owners had to return the model mainly due to nonfunctional or damage issues. But since they received a free exchange, August Pro is still a nice choice.

Agreeably, we can have it this way. As far as the two doorbells; Skybell and August Pro are concerned, Skybell HD is the leading product.

Both doorbells come at a nearly same price. But you don’t have to mess things up by sparing $10 or 20$. Spend some little extra for your home’s best smart doorbell.

So, let’s now do the summation in a few words. In most respects and work performance, the Skybell beats the August.

Skybell is one of the highly-rated doorbells in the market. If you can’t let go of the high-quality video and footage recordings, you should choose the Skybell HD Wireless Doorbell.


Overall, it’s pretty clear that Skybell HD model is the better purchase comparing the Skybell HD vs. August Doorbell Pro. If you’re interested in more than just having a doorbell. However, if you consider pairing your doorbell with the whole smart home, the chat becomes a little more convoluted.

While the Skybell HD remains the best devices, most people have some other connections in their homes. If you’ve made some investments in August products, or have other smart home devices that you’d like to integrate, August Doorbell Pro becomes more attractive.

To this end, it surely depends on whether you want a better doorbell or a doorbell that can be easily paired with other smart gadgets.