It happens.

When a single company offers a plethora of products in a similar arena, the dilemma between which product to buy is bound to happen.

That’s the case with Ring Incorporation.

When it comes to video doorbells, Ring has Ring video doorbell, Ring Pro and now, Ring has also introduced Ring video doorbell 2.

And as being one of the leaders in this smart video doorbells sphere, It’s even hard to ignore Ring and also not advised to.

So, what to do in such a situation?

This is the reason why we came up with this comprehensive guide on Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2 which is crafted in a way that it helps you in deciding which Ring doorbell is perfect for you?

So, this info-resource will be comparing the following Ring products:

Here is a quick comparison between the specifications of Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2:



Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring Video Doorbell 2 Comparison

Wait, before moving any further to the core business, Should not we try to find out why Ring Doorbells are considered as one of the best video doorbells?

Shall we proceed?

The core idea behind the invention of Ring video doorbells was to “Reinvent the doorbells in such a way that it acts as a caller-ID for the front door.”

It also gives you the privilege to answer the door from any damn place.

And you know, the term “Ring” signifies the ring of security which exists around your house making it a safer place to live in. For that matter, you will also have to install the Ring stick up cam along with any of the Ring video doorbells. Doorbell for the door and cam for the security around the house.

Ring Inc. sole mission is to reduce the crime like burglaries, and this is what differentiates Ring from its competitors. It has a mission which reflects in the product.

So, these are some of the rationales which justify why to choose Ring video doorbells?

Now, let’s start off with the original course of discussion as to which doorbell among “Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring Video doorbell 2” to choose and why?


Needless to say, a good product is the one which has good aesthetics, great appealing design and builds quality. So, these are the benchmarks on which we will be comparing these three Ring products.

Ring vs Ring pro

Ring video doorbell

Ring video doorbellAfter Doorbot escaped the market, the firm came up with this innovatory Ring video doorbell which was primarily the re-branding of Doorbot with massive improvements.

And one such improvement was witnessed in the design and size of the Ring video doorbell.

So, Ring video doorbell is less bulky than the doorbot, but I have to mention that it is the bulkiest item when compared to the other two doorbells of our concern.

The dimensions are comparatively on the higher edge but it still carries the aesthetics in style.

The default Satin Nickel with three other color options to choose from is a major advantage for this Ring Doorbell.

Ring Pro

Ring Doorbell Pro

Ring Pro is slim, vertically-long and with four interchangeable faceplates, it can be considered as a great option while just looking at the design.

The dimensions are 4.5 x 1.9 x 0.8 inches.

And if you have a narrow door frame, then I would never suggest you look anywhere else other than Ring Pro.

Ring pro was the most advanced Ring doorbell until Ring video doorbell 2 came into the market. The Ring video doorbell 2 has the same features except for the fact that it has a swappable battery and Ring pro can only be hardwired.

Despite all this, Ring doorbell pro has its own charm and performs great.

Ring video doorbell 2

Ring video Doorbell 2Ring video doorbell 2 is a brand new entry in the sphere and is a successor of Ring video doorbell.

This time Ring 2 comes with 2 color finishes which are included in the package rather than the 4 color options in the Ring video doorbell.

Relatively smaller than the original but not slim like Ring Pro. So, sorry, if you have a narrow door frame.

The dimensions are 5.1 x 2.5 x 1.1 inches.



Ease of installation is one of the foremost things any damn doorbell buying guide would suggest you look upon.

After all, why would you like to take unwanted headaches?

Since these all are smart doorbells so, you need to keep in mind that hardware setup will also be followed by the software setup where you need to install the application and configure it for the first and later use.

Also, the application is the same for all. So, in any case, if you own all of them or any two of them, you need not install any separate app.

Ring video doorbell

The first thing you need to know is that this Ring video doorbell is not likely to fit your door frame as it is relatively bulkier in size. So, make sure that you have an alternate space to install that.

Since this Ring video doorbell is dual powered. So, in case if you want to brace yourself from the hassle of hardwiring it, you can opt for the battery option.

A 16-24VAC external power source is required if you want to power it using an external source or you can install it at the same place where your existing doorbell is.

All the essentials are included in the package so, you need not require any third-party tool to fix that at your doorstep.

The installation part is not at all a big concern and if you are an active DIY’er then it’s like icing on the top.

Ring Pro

As already stated, Ring Pro possesses a slim design type. So, it would be a lot easier to fix Ring pro at the same place as of your existing buzzer.

Unlike, Ring video doorbell and Ring video doorbell 2, you only have the option to hardwire it. Technical expertise might be required while installing it.

Ring video doorbell 2

Continuing the legacy of its predecessor, Ring 2 also comes with dual power options.

So, you need not necessarily hardwire the doorbell. All you need to do is to make use of the battery power option.


If you want to hardwire it, then you will also have to install the battery.

It is quite evident that a battery-powered installation will take less time than the hard wiring, and it does so.

The battery is removable, and you can do so without even unmounting the whole device.

Ring 2 is also most likely to fit at the same place where your existing buzzer is. Ring 2 can be connected to any existing electronic and mechanical chime which does its operations within the range of 8 volts AC and 24 volts AC.

So, now whenever the doorbell button is pressed, your existing chime will ring. Since the Ring doorbell 2 is connected to the existing wiring, it will also make sure that the battery is charged.

The application setup is like a breeze, and if you have an existing Ring account, that’s even better and will expedite the process.

However, it is advised to consult a professional technician in order to avoid any glitches.

Verdict: Ring video doorbell 2 and Ring video doorbell serves are a better option when it comes to ease of installation.

Video Quality

Technically, the video performance depends on several factors and one of those is network speed. Keeping that aside, here we present you the comparison concerning video quality.

Ting vs Ring Pro vs Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring video doorbell

720p, the lowest of the lot and since, the price is less as compared to both other doorbells, it is acceptable.

Many users have reported occasional lags and fitful alerts. Colored night vision is not present in the Ring video doorbell.

180-degree field of view is an exceptional feature.

Ring Pro

1080p with colored night vision. 160-degree field of view is good enough to keep an eye on most of the concerned area.

Custom motion zones and alerts along with colored night vision make it a full-fleshed smart doorbell.

In a nutshell, the video quality is crisp and delivers prompt alerts whenever motion is detected.

Ring video doorbell 2

Ring video doorbell has been equipped with 1920 x 1080p video resolution with the same field of view as Ring Pro.

The live video feeds are prompt and mostly crisp.

However, the only concern is the paid subscription of video storage.

Audio Quality

Ring video doorbells audio quality is certainly better than its predecessor. Audio quality is not at all a big concern for these Ring products.

All of them perform well regarding this aspect and comes with noise cancellation features to output sharp and clear audio.

Power Options

Ring video doorbell 2

It is a major upgrade in Ring video doorbell. Though it is dual powered as its predecessor, now the battery is removable. That means, if you require charging the battery, you need not necessarily unmount the whole device from its place. All that you need to do is to remove the battery and charge it separately.

Earlier in Ring video doorbell, one used to unmount the whole device to recharge the battery via USB.

The battery is said to last anywhere between 6 months to one year.

Ring Pro

Since this doorbell doesn’t employ a battery so, the only power option is the external power source.

Ring video doorbell

Likewise Ring 2, this video doorbell is dual powered and one can make use of any of those.

Motion sensors

Ring video doorbell comes with motion-activated alerts which send prompt alerts whenever motion is detected in the area of observation. But unlike Ring Pro and the new Ring video doorbell 2, it doesn’t have the ability to define custom motion zones.

Just to tell you that custom motion zones are useful if you want to define an area as highly sensitive with respect to others.

Ring vs Ring Pro

So, that way, you can easily define your driveway to fall under the custom motion zone and whenever any activity happens out there, you will get instant prompt.

If your priority is advanced motion-sensing technology, we advise you to go with Ring Pro or Ring video doorbell 2.

Intersecting features (What they have in common)

Operating conditions

All of the ring doorbells in consideration are weather resistant and can work in operating conditions ranging from -5 degrees F to 120 degrees F (20 degrees C to 48 degrees C).

Live video feeds

All the Ring doorbells are equipped with live video feeds feature which lets you see and speak to the visitor at your doorstep.


A control center application which is known as Ring app is used to access the doorbell features over the wi-fi.Ring vs Ring Pro

One can use the application either on Android, iOS, and Windows platform.

For more convenience, a web application is also available.

Night Vision

If you are to decide Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2 by Night vision, then know that they all are equipped with night vision. All though, color night vision is not present in Ring video doorbell.

Ring vs Ring Pro


The Mighty Downside

Well,  not necessarily a downside for some but I’ll count it as one.

As compared to Skybell, you got to pay for the Ring video recording feature. Even though, a trial is initial 15 days is available but for continued use, you have to pay for it.

Ring vs Ring Pro

There are two plans according to which one can avail the facility of Ring video recording. The first is the basic plan which costs you about $3 a month and $30 when paid annually. The second one is the “Protect” plan which costs you about $10 a month and $30 if paid annually.

Alternatives of Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2

If not Ring then what?

Skybell HD

If you are a “What if” guy then this section might be of some interest for you.

The very first alternative that makes its way to the top is “Skybell HD video doorbell.” Equipped with customizable video quality and free video storage (the biggest downside of Ring doorbells) feature, this is one of the perfect alternatives for Ring video doorbells.

We have crafted a comprehensive guide on Ring vs Skybell. Go check that out.

Other than that, August doorbell cam and Zmodo greet doorbell are also worth considering.

There is one more entrant in the market which often goes unnoticed and that is the “Skybell Trim Plus“. This Skybell Doorbell comes with 1080p HD video quality with full-color night vision. This gives a tough competition to the flag bearers of Ring Video doorbells.

And the best part about Skybell trim plus is that it comes with free cloud recording obviously that’s for free.

The ring also offers a high-end avant-garde doorbell which is named as “Video Doorbell Elite“. In addition to all the prolific features which Ring video doorbells already offers, it comes with noise cancellation so as to make the communication as smooth as anything.

Apart from that, it has 160 degrees horizontal and 90-degree vertical view which makes the viewing angles more than just perfect.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a high-end product and comes with a greater price.

We will be anyway writing a review about this Ring Video Doorbell Elite and do its comparison akin to Ring vs Ring pro.

Meanwhile, you can check more about this Ring doorbell here.

The reason why it is mentioned here is that because it is a great alternative of other Ring doorbells mentioned in this resource.


This long discussion on Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2 boils down to a point where the ball is in your court.

After going through the features and comparison, you now have to decide what best suits you.

If you are on a tight budget then you should go on with the Ring video doorbell.

And if you are flexible with the budget and want to access all the smart features, the brand new video doorbell that is Ring 2 and Ring Pro will be our say.

Other than that, Ring pro nowhere in the scene if you aren’t looking for a doorbell which necessarily needs to be hardwired.

The only region where Ring pro beats Ring video doorbell 2 is the slimmer design otherwise, Ring video doorbell 2 is a better choice if I were to opt for a brand new purchase.

So, having said that, we rest our case here.

Do let us know through the comment box if you are still left with any unanswered query regarding Ring vs Ring Pro vs Ring video doorbell 2. And this info-resource helped you in any manner, do not forget to share it.