Many of us would like our homes to be secured and automated. Consequently, the video doorbell industry is steadily uplifting their products, and as we talk, buying a smart doorbell is a good investment to improve your home’s look.

Apparently, multitudes of advanced gadgets are being introduced. This results in producing more and smarter doorbells and, most of them are featured in a lucrative look. However, only a few works quite well.

In this article, we’ll compare two smart doorbells that are really worth buying. These doorbells are August Pro and Ring Doorbell Pro. With their excellent features, fashionable designs, and durability, they are the leading doorbells in the market.

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation (existing doorbell wiring required)

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  • Works with Alexa to illuminate and send announcements to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. You can also see, hear, and talk to visitors through Echo Show or Echo Spot.
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC
  • Sends alerts as soon as motion is detected or when visitors press the Doorbell
  • Requires hardwired installation to existing doorbell wires. Compatible with ios, android, mac and windows 10 devices
  • Monitors your home in 1080HD video with infrared night vision

August Doorbell Cam Pro, 2nd generation Wired Smart doorbell, with 24hr FREE video storage, Works with Alexa

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  • Works with Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately).
  • Always home. Real-time alerts, HD video and two-way audio makes it easy to answer your door as if you were home.
  • Know who's there from anywhere. Get real-time alerts on your phone whenever someone approaches your doorstep, even when you're not home.
  • Never miss a moment. August Doorbell Cam Pro records and stores video of each moment at your door. The free, Basic VideoRecording subscription, lets you replay any videos from the last 24 hours. Upgrade to Premium Video Recording to access 30 days of stored video recordings.
  • Let guests in from your phone. Doorbell Cam Pro pairs with all August Smart Locks to easily let guests into your home.

First Impression

Ring Pro Wireless Doorbell

Ring Pro Doorbell is a well-known product from a successful start-up known mainly as ‘Ring.’

Unlike other smart doorbells on the market, the Ring Pro seems to be the most straightforward model to install.

It incorporates excellent features and high-quality image, making it stand out for the greatest deal plus it adds some neat tricks. In other words, it brings you the best that you can like from smart doorbells.

August Pro Doorbells

This’s also a great doorbell from smart home company popularly known as August.

This innovative Doorbell model is all about plain and straightforward DIY setup, quality HD images, that gives the full story with cloud storage of up to 24 hours.

The August Pro offers a variety of great features to make a precisely right choice for those looking for a reliable smart lock.

August Pro might not be the cheapest doorbell around the block, but it truly worth taking a look.



Ring Doorbell Pro

This is a wired doorbell and to set it you need to connect it to the current doorbells that you are using. You might think that a wired doorbell need requires a lot to be put in. But that’s not always the case.

Installing this wired system is as simple as illustrated in the user’s manual. It typically takes 5 minutes or close to be through with the installation. In fact, there’s step by step video guide uploaded by the Ring manufactures. Simple research and you’ll be through.

Ring Doorbell Pro is designed to be the simplest doorbell to install. For packaging purposes, the Ring model includes everything required for a successful installation. Plus, it has several interchangeable faceplates. We shall discuss them later in this article.

August Doorbell Pro

 Just like Ring and other doorbell models, installing August Doorbell pro is all about wiring and drilling. It’s a simple and straightforward process that offers an excellent pick for the DIYers when wielding a drill and performing some accessible electrical practices.

When it comes to actual August system installation, you’re allowed to use the same wiring that your other system uses. But before we sink in this model, there’s one thing you need to know; August Doorbell unusual dimensions; its square in shape.

August wanted to introduce the most distinct doorbell that does not look like others. Though they achieved that, it had to come with some drawbacks. One obvious downline is that the model shape may not fit precisely in the available space.

Before you actually start spending on the in August Doorbell Pro, take in your mind the space available for the doorbell. If it fits, well and good. If otherwise, find an alternative smart doorbell.

It’s true to say that both doorbells are wired and their installation process is pretty straightforward. But because of August’s strange dimensions, we should go for the Ring Doorbell Pro.

Ring Pro wireless Doobell


For some reasons, smart doorbells are not that cheap. The fact ultimately makes smart home shoppers look for something that would compensate every investment they make in these cameras.

That said, a naff looking doorbell is no one choice, especially when it’s the first thing to hit the visitor’s eyes. If we dive to August Doorbell Pro and the Ring Doorbell Pro, they both look charming and stunning.

Without any exaggeration or such, with its gorgeous design, Ring Doorbell Pro is one of the best-looking smart doorbells around. A lot of customers and the consensus have considered the Ring Pro to be the most beautiful model in the doorbell industry.

When it comes to appearance and dimensions, be assured that Ring Doorbell Pro is a fantastic choice if what you want a real smart doorbell that will fit your home.

For the August Pro Doorbell design, there’s something to discuss. August has put everything on the table to make sure their doorbell a complete distinct extraordinary look. For better results, they succeed in introducing one of the best-looking smart doorbells.

August doorbells Pro can be purchased in two colors, typically black or silver and its square shaped, unlike most traditional doorbells. Owners of this doorbell model have it that their visitors often complement on it, meaning its also a good choice.

After going through numerous reviews, one thing that Ring Pro owners have in common is that they like the design.

Up to that, we can rate the August Doorbell pro above Ring Doorbell, but due to its weird dimensions, the Ring Doorbell wins the race.

 August Pro Wireless Doorbell

Audio Quality

This is one of the great features that Ring Pro and August Pro have in common. The sound quality of these two doorbells is outstanding and appealing.

They come with a pure sound, and you’ll experience zero problems chatting with your guest. But if we still have to make a choice, Ring Doorbell will take most of the points.

This is because it comes with quality audio but also beats the August Pro in other discussed aspects. Otherwise, both August Pro and Ring Pro have no defects when it comes to sound.


Video Quality

The ring doorbell pro comes with a 1080HD resolution while the august pro comes with an edge of 1280 by 960 HD. A note worth taking is that however is that August Pro records at a real-time speed of 30 FPS while the Ring model streams at only 15 FPS.

Ring Doorbell pro shoots explicit pics in daylight and still captures nice images during the night. In short, it takes the brightest image shots, meaning you can easily view the footage on smartphones, PCs and tablets.

The video quality of August Doorbell Pro is also pretty good. It supports a live HD video enabling the users to access a visual sound right from their app. It also comes with a full-color video and performs quite well in low light instances.

This makes it an excellent option for those looking for a perfect product to integrate with other products. It’s also notable that August Pro nighttime is also attractive compared to traditional infrared videos. More so, the model features an inbuilt flood light that enhances explicit vids and pics.

Frankly speaking, both cameras give a pretty identical quality. They only do it plainly. The practical perception of these characteristics portrays that pics quality of the ring doorbell can retain a bit of an edge compared to the August ring Pro.

However, since it can’t maintain a precise decent frame rate, the footage view won’t be as flawless as August pro model.



August Pro and Ring Pro both have impressive specifications. The brands have been improving their specifications over some time. But the Ring Pro really proved that it got the start as a standalone doorbell through its undoubted specifications and capabilities. However, August pro is a great model with a great interaction all through its features.

For easy and straight comparison, we’ve developed the following chart.

 Ring ProAugust Pro
Power SelectionWired to existing Doorbell kitsWired to existing Doorbell kits
Battery choicesInternal power batteryBackup cell
Compatibility with Door transformers16-24 VAC

Not compatible with DC

12-24 VAC
Compatible Networks5GHZ or 2.4 802.11 b/g/nSmart Bluetooth, 2.4 GHZ and 5GHZ (802.11 b/g/n) and WI-FI
Field of viewVertical- 160 degree

Horizontal- 120

Horizontal- 120 degree
Video Quality1080 HD1280 by 920 HD
Live on DemandYesYes
Free Cloud storageNo24 hours Videos
Easy setupYesYes
Smart integrationGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Wink, Smart Things and IFTTTGoogle Home, Amazon Alexa, SimpliSafe, Nest,   Honeywell, Xfinity, IFTTT, August Smart Locks, Winks, and others.
Night visionBlack and whiteDepends on lighting
Motion detectionYesYes
Motion ZonesYesNo
Facial RecognitionNoNo
Two-way audio availableYesYes
Person AlertYesYes
AppiOS, Android, WebIOs, Android
Silent modeYesYes
colorsInterchangeable color faceplatesBlack (dark grey) and silver.
Dimensions4.5*1.9*0.8 in

(11.4, 4.7, 2 cm)

2.9* 0.9*2.9 in

(7.4, 2.3, 7.4 cm) 

warrantyOne year,One year

However, there are some other features that need more attention and separate in-depth analysis. We shall come back to them as well. For now, let’s discuss the performances.



Using Ring Pro comes with a couple of advantages. One, the outside part of the system is smaller and thinner, meaning the installation is simple and straightforward. Also, the battery pack is always safe since it is designed to remain in your home.

What makes the Ring doorbell Pro more fundamental, is the fact that it operates just like other products though it features its performance differently. For example, when someone hits the button on the front, you’ll be notified via your smartphone — quite impressive and straightforward performance.

Smart alerts allow for motion detection zones as well as motion sensors. Or you can call it motion verification that filters out fictitious alerts. There’s also the motion stop. This one helps the camera to stop recording when there’s nothing worth recording.

Whatever is there in the front, Ring Doorbell Pro camera will accurately detect any person. So don’t fret that it might fail to detect thieves.

Let’s now get to August Pro. First, we love the USB dock that allows you to charge the doorbell’s main battery to test if it’s compatible with Wi-Fi network even before the installation.

Though it’s something that the Ring Doorbell enhances, it’s still one of the performance enhancers you’ll rarely find with most doorbells out there.



Ring Doorbell Pro has a field view of 160 degrees. It has shrunk a little since its first generation features a field view of 180 degrees.

However, this doesn’t actually mean you keep off. The field coverage is more than necessary, and you’ll have a sustained control over the yard. There won’t be any blind spots presence.

The automatic motion detection enables the Ring Pro to tell a full story in a 1080p quality video.

This means when someone steps near, the smart alerts will let you add more control over the recording process, though extended control may call for a Ring Protect Plan.

August Doorbell has a field view of 120 degrees (horizontal). That said, the angle is relatively shorter, and it’s typically associated with several instances of blind spots.

Therefore, August Doorbell may fail to take full coverage, especially if you have a large door front. This incapability might be considered as an advantage by a burglar who might rob you without even noticing.


Other features 

From the chart, we compared some specializations featured in both Ring Pro and August Pro doorbells. In this part, we shall elaborate other features based mainly on the overall application of these two models. So, before getting any further, let’s dive in.

Ring Pro and August Pro doorbells, each comes with its mobile application. These applications empower them to answer doorbells, receive notifications, talk with visitors, and reviewing the footage and many things besides.

Ring Pro Doorbell: Rings mobile retains a flexible application that has numerous great features. If you have some ring doorbells, it’s possible to connect all of them in a single application. The app also allows you to pair your Ring Pro with Lockstake, Kevon, Kisi WeMo, Lockitron, and Wink.

More to this, the rings apps are associated with full-motion triggers, meaning you’ll have a complete history of every outdoor activity and other recordings. In simple terms, you can visit any event recorded over the past six months.

Ring Pro offers a free cloud recording up to 30 days, after which you’ll need to pay around $3/ months to continue enjoying the feature.

August Pro: This model has a good mobile application too. The app featured are pretty active, giving you freedom of monitoring your August doorbell, August connect, August Keypad and August Smart locks. This means if you’ve already invested in August products, you can ideally integrate them for a more secured smart home.

You can count on the August Pro’s app when performing the following; providing access to your family members, controlling August Doorbells and integrating the August Pro Doorbells with other conventional smart products like Nest cameras.

You can also use the August app to get notifications, for instance, when your doorbell goes offline. Don’t forget you can use the app to enjoy an on-demand Livestream to communicate with your guests.

In both cases, the blend-in features are more like of equal reliability. They are all good exhibiting a great promise to sustain the doorbells shoppers.

However, what set August Pro apart is that there quite a reasonable number of unsatisfied customers mostly due to weak wireless connections. These August Pro doorbell owners stated that support team isn’t so appealing and it might take some few hours revolving for support.

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Choosing between the two Models is quite critical because both doorbells have something desirable.

Looking at our overall review, the Ring Doorbell Pro seems to lead the race with some ideal respects.

If you research both doorbells on Amazon, the Ring Pro model has more satisfied buyers compared to August Pro.

However, August Doorbell Pro also has satisfied customers, but it’s quite common to find buyers wishing on some features like motion zones and zooming capabilities. Otherwise, if these features are incorporated, August could definitely be evaluated.

Ring Pro comes with better audio quality, flexible mobile application, enabled motion detector, functional integration, interchangeable faceplates for more desired colors, and outstanding design.

The main significant thing that we can say about August Pro is the fact that it can be integrated with other company’s product. That a big deal if you’ve already invested in August products.

Up to that far, the best advice is that if you want more than just smart doorbell, go for Ring Pro. It has quality, incredible features complemented by a lot of customers.

The prices of both the Ring Pro and the August Pro are closely identical. That said, you don’t have the make a mistake due to the price differences.

Just ponder about what you really want, gauging both the quality and integration with other smart gadgets and networks in your home. In simple terms, spending a little more for your stylish door is nothing terrible.