Remo+ recently launched a new doorbell model, the RemoBell S. Besides the afordable price, the RemoBell S standouts with some ideal features and specs that are rare to find with other models in the smart doorbell category.

As the use of smart doorbell increases, new models are introduced frequently. For a successful competition, especially with dominant brands like Ring and Nest, video doorbells have to tick off some must-have features just for starters.

Thankfully, RemoBell S meets and exceeds the primary requirements at the lowest price.


Remo+ RemoBell S Video Doorbell Review

A video doorbell is often handy for those seeking an extra set of eyes for their door front. While many doorbells cost $200 and above, Remo+ ‘s RemoBell S is very affordable. It’s among the few models with such low prices, but its features made it worth a look.

With its merits and bunging low price tags, it’s not as good as the big brand, Ring itself! But let’s dig in for more.

It’s simple, effective, and elegant. The best of the RemoBell S rest in its rectangular shape with rounded ends and a quite large camera. Also, there are no mistakes in its large silver button located at the bottom.

The overall video quality is pretty good. Though Remo+ advertises that the RemoBell S provides a 180-degree view both vertically and horizontally, in reality, it falls short by a few degrees. Like most smart doorbells, it can’t show what’s in the door front, and so you can’t see if there’s package left.

Another impressive thing to discuss is the shared access. If you like, you can let others check on the front door by granting access. This is applicable up to four more individuals.

When it comes to video doorbells and security cameras, the best models usually have more effective integration with several assistances like Google Assistant and Alexa, and so does the RemoBell S.

From Remo+ app available for iOS and Android, you can adjust various things like motion notifications, video quality and more but for other things like installation, most customers experience a quite involving time than other users with other video doorbells.

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  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring and provides 24/7 surveillance of all front door activity
  • Records and stores all motion activity for up to 3 days via FREE cloud storage (paid plans available)
  • Streams all your live videos in high quality HD with 180º wide angle and infrared vision; dewarping option available for live view
  • Allows you to select areas of interest and sends instant alerts on your smart device when motion is detected in your video doorbell's view
  • Lets you see, hear, and talk with visitors from your smartphone or tablet using the Remo+ app (iPhone 5 & iOS 9 and above, or Android 4.1 or above)

Bottom line

When looking at other video doorbells like Ring and Nest which are more expensive, the RemoBell S Wireless Doorbell appears to be tempting at its low price. Conversely, the small budget might be of no value. From poor app controls to involved setup and distorted view.

It doesn’t really measure up to the budget of Ring Video Doorbell.  Its admitted that RemoBell S offers three days of free cloud recording with a higher resolution, but its usability issues ultimately outweigh those features.


1080p full HD

Clear night vision

Three days of free cloud storage, 30 days for $30 per year.


No battery-power

Primitive detection zones

Hypersensitive sensors cause spurious notifications.


First Impressions

Know who or what’s at the door with your RemoBell S, the swift responding video doorbell. It replaces your current doorbell with thrilling features like high-quality full HD video, customizable motion zones, and advanced motion detection.

With its broad range and the video based-based motion detection, the model allows you to monitor and record any front door activity in actual time.

If you’re looking for a good solution to help you in knowing who or what is at your door, or when you don’t want to get off the sofa, the RemoBell S could be a one-stop unit for you.

RemoBell S Video Doorbell


RemoBell S features a slim and substantial design. Though it’s generally bigger, the model borrows a significant amount of this influential style from the Nest Hello. Its squarer shape with a large silver button gives it an excellent standout for you and your guests.

In most video doorbell, knowing what exactly to press is one of the biggest gripes you can ever encounter — however, that is not the case for this model.

The RemoBell S’s blue Led light will show up around the button upon any slight motion detection. This means you’ll realize the button to press. Furthermore, if you press the button, it emits a loud but classy ding-dong sound.

But the sound can get old with time, and there’s no means to change it or switch it off.



As stated, the new RemoBell S is a bit longer but slightly slimmer and comes with appealing dimensions; 5.1, 1.8, 0.8 inches (HWD).

It comes in a silver enclosure with a large round camera up top, a black faceplate and a silver doorbell that’s if the same size.

The doorbell is surrounded by an LED ring and has a two-way audio speaker combination and a microphone. When the doorbell is rung or is in a setup view, the LED Ring flashes blue rapidly and slowly when it’s connected to a rooter.

The RemoBell S uses a 1,536 by a 1,536-pixel camera that has a field view of 180 degrees.  The camera support night vision using two infrared LEDs, meaning you can get a visible view during the night or when in dark places.

Although the camera pixel of the RemoBell might seem to be of higher resolution compared to that of Ring, they both shoot videos of the same quality.



RemoBell S is fast. From notifications and alerts to live feed view within as short as 5 seconds, same or faster than other video doorbells of twice its price. This is an essential feature as there’s no point in waiting for ages for feedback, otherwise whatever or whoever was there would be long gone.

The two-way talk is pretty good. Thanks to its full-duplex audio. It helps you attain an interrupted conversation with your guest with no wait returns. This Is something you can rarely find with other doorbells.

Again, this great feature helps you to set up some beautiful flaws, including viewing a recorded video in a fish-eye mode, even if the video wasn’t. (Note you can choose between a standard and a fish-eye mode when viewing live).

Integration. RemoBell S can be paired with Alexa, enabling you to use your Echo Spot or Show to view live video on your Alexa devices in your smart house. You can also use Google Assistant integration to find out the last activity that took place around the door front, the Wi-Fi status, and such information.

IFTTT integration allows you to configure a couple of nice smart home features like blinking lights upon text alert or when the doorbell rings. However, this doesn’t hit the robust smart integrations offered by other video doorbells.

The drawback in this part is that it’s not possible to add viewers to the app. They have to download another app themselves and then login with your details. Then, they can create a different profile.

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A wide field of full HD video view and definable motion zones are some of the desirable features you should expect from this model.

The RemoBell S has a 1080p HD video camera that supports a field view of up to 180-degree both horizontal and vertical coverages. The unit has two infrared LED sensors that provide you with a night vision of approximately 25 feet (7.5 meters).

The motion detection comes with a visual aspect meaning you can define the motion zones and adjust the model’s sensitivity.

When someone moves around the RemoBell S detection area, you’ll receive an alert via a configured smartphone or iOS. You can, therefore, have an immediate talk or view a live video.



Video doorbell installation is one of the most straightforward projects you can do for your smart home. Like most of the Video doorbells, installing RemoBell will involve wiring the unit to your current doorbell wiring system. Thanks to the step by step, users’ guide installation included in the package.

To start the process, first, check the voltage and make sure it ranges between 16 and 24 volts. This is the standard voltage for most, if not all, of the doorbells. Then turn off your doorbell. Attach a small power kit to your mechanical chime if you have one. If you don’t, the install process will be a bit different and will require some extra wires.

Assuming you have the chime in your house, install the power kit and unhook your old bell. Then screw in one of the mounting plates. Note that RemoBell doorbell features three different angles and therefore you can choose the one that’s best for your home.



In simple terms, the RemoBell S video doorbell comes at its best value, offering the latest features you can expect from a high-quality video doorbell, all at a bunging low price. With its powerful output and competitive specs, the RemoBell is genuinely worth checking out. If you’re planning to secure your smart home with one of the best video doorbells, you can have one at a thrilling price.

Remobell S Video Doorbell