Doorbird review

You simply can’t let your home or property vulnerable to burglars, right. And if you think of a solution for the same, the simplest answer would be to install a Doorbird at your home.

Doing real justice to its name, Doorbird is like a bird safeguarding your home and giving prompt alerts to you at the most appropriate times.

Situations like opening the doors without knowing who’s on the either side can be avoided if you have a video doorbell like Doorbird installed at your home.

So, it’s true that with Video doorbell installed, you can have the audacity to say that you have taken the right measures to protect your home and loved ones against any mishappenings.

But does it stands intact in front of its competitors regarding quality, features and performance and pricing? Is it worth to buy the doorbird doorbell 101s? You will figure it out by reading the comprehensive doorbird reviews.

So, let’s get started:

Shall we?

Doorbird Review: Is it worth your money or not?

Pros and Cons


  • 720p HD video quality.
  • Stellar Design and aesthetics.
  • Colored Night Vision.
  • Motion Sensors.
  • Mobile Application and HTML5 Web Application.
  • Two-way audio communication.
  • Waterproof.
  • Visitor history up to 20 guests.


  • Pricey.
  • Not so clear user manual.

First Impression and Design

Needless to say, Doorbird doorbell is comparatively bigger and bulkier in size. With the dimensions clocked in at 6.2 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches and the weight is 10.2 ounces, this doorbell is pretty heavy.

Doorbird doorbell

The design and aesthetics look promising and comes in different color variants like white, black, silver and brass.

The white doorbell color looks sober and can blend in perfectly with any home decor.

A majority of sellers have the one with polycarbonate body along with stainless steel faceplate, but you can also lay your hands in full stainless steel and other mount variants like face mount, flush mount, post box mounts and others.

The front part of the doorbell comprises of the camera, followed by an audio section, sensor, and the push button.

The backside is where the wiring and mounting stuff makes its place.

First impressions and the design looks good but will it be able to match the performance of other doorbells in its category? Let’s find it out, together.

With German technology, this doorbell can withstand harsh weather conditions and is backed by IP54 certification. Needless to mention that it is waterproof.



Coming to the installation part, this is where you require some technical know-hows and a little patience.

So, if you are not comfortable playing with wires, then it is strongly recommended that you call a professional technician to do the job for you.

Doorbird review

And if you are a DIY’er then chillax, you have your thing sorted out.

The installation part is a little tricky because it is not as simple as using the existing power supply of your old mechanical door chime and be happy forever. It ain’t like that.

You have to do the drilling, soldering and a heck lot of other stuff.

The matter of fact is “Doorbird requires its own AC supply.” However, a PoE dongle can also be used for this purpose iff only you have access to one because of doorbird support power over ethernet.

Once you have your doorbird doorbell installed, then you now require installing the application which is free, of course. Now, navigate to the settings and connect to your WiFi as described in the manual that comes included in the package.

Followed by providing power to the doorbell which will entice the doorbell to chime at least three times. After that, you will require pressing the doorbell push button for at least 10 seconds that will result in the WiFi setup mode.

Connect to that using the SSID and password.

As the final step, you would require scanning the QR code, and you will be up and running within a jiffy.


Features and USP

Now, coming to what doorbird doorbell has to offer, here goes the comprehensive list of the features and the Unique selling point which makes it stand apart from the crowd.

Video: Talking about the video quality, it comes with 720p dynamic-VGA HDTV camera with a 180-degree viewing angle which ensures that every nook and corner of your driveway or the path is visible in one go.

Doorbird video quality

The hemispherical camera lens supports 90 degrees vertical and 180-degree horizontal view.

Various mounts are also available, in case if you want any.

Night Vision and Motion Sensors: This video doorbell comes with an Infrared technology and motion sensors. 12 Infrared LED lights are available with your service and the night vision is good enough to make things visible at night up to 26 feet.

The doorbell also has a light sensor that activates the night vision at appropriate times.

The motion sensor is passive infrared which means that it doesn’t emit any energy of any type. You even get the privilege to set a custom tone when every motion sensor is triggered.

We have covered the connectivity part at the installation section but just to make things clear that Doorbird can connect to your WiFi using the 802.11 b/g/n protocol. It uses its power supply or you have the option to power it via the Ethernet.

Visitor History: You can also have the visitor history of last 20 visitors which is indeed a very helpful feature in cases like you are out of your home and want to see who was at your door? A pretty handy feature, right?

You also get the option to download or send the details of the visitor as email attachments.

Audio: The audio components are equipped with noise and echo cancellation and support two-way communication providing you a hassle-free audio interface.

Miscellaneous features: Along with the above-mentioned features, you get to see the WiFi strength as the LED changes its color to Green, Yellow and Red corresponding to Strong, weak and bad WiFi strength.

The Doorbird doorbell is also equipped with a push to talk button which allows you to talk to your visitor without even opening the door latch. The front part also has the infrared button with which you can force the doorbell to get into the night vision mode.



The performance is stellar resonating perfectly with the specifications.

The 720p video quality is crisp and clear. With 180-degree horizontal viewing angle, it looks even better. The night vision makes everything clearly visible up to 26 feet and works promisingly well.

Concerning the audio quality which performs exceptionally well for both the ends.

The instant delivery of push notifications at the appropriate times made it more tempting for a recommendation as one of the best video doorbells.

Best Deal


The Doorbird video doorbell integrates flawlessly with a majority of smart home devices like blue iris security software, digital storm and much more.

You can also make use of additional appliances like PIR sensor, or a door chime, smoke detector which are entirely optional, though.

In case, if you want to make use of the Doorbird API, you can have it from here.


Doorbird offers you a free mobile application that enables you to use the features by Doorbird doorbell. Additionally, an HTML5 web application is also available which allows you to use it exactly as you can with the mobile application.

Doorbird doorbell app

The not so good in Doorbird doorbell

Enough of the what’s good in there talks, let’s see what are the downsides.

The very first downside, we would want to talk about is the pricing.

It won’t be wrong if we would say that the Doorbird video doorbell is overpriced corresponding to the features it offers. With a difference of nearly 150 dollars, you can get your hands on the stellar and best-selling Ring video doorbells. Or even Skybell HD video doorbell.

Rumours have it that the manual that comes along with doesn’t suffices what you would require.


Alternatives of Doorbird Doorbell

If you ask for a recommendation concerning best video doorbell cam, then you would probably have got either Skybell or Ring doorbells as the answers.

And yes they are. Skybell or Ring doorbells are an exceptionally delivering product which serves as the best alternatives for the Doorbird doorbell.

Adding to that, the price is much lower than that of the Doorbird Doorbell.

One other video doorbell to vouch for is the “August Doorbell Cam.” And you can also see for the Zmodo greet doorbell.

Right place to buy

Well, for the best buy option you can consider going with Amazon. Alternatively, you can go for eBay or any Best Buy store in your city.

Best Deal



So, without any BS, I will come straight to the point.

If you have a budget to go for this, then go for it. But if you are not willing to spend such a hefty money on the doorbird doorbell then consider going for the Ring video doorbell or the Skybell HD video doorbell.

The only reason I would buy the Doorbird doorbell is for the expandability and robustness.

That’s all for it.

Do let us know what you decided and if this article helped you in solving any of your concerns, do not forget to give it a thumbs up.

Thank you for reading the doorbird review.

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