Best Doorbell Buying Guide {No Bullshit Guide}

Doorbell buying guide is a must if you are on a quest to find a wireless doorbell for your home.

So, for the same reason, we have brought you the detailed doorbell buying guide which will ascertain that you are on the right track.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

and do not forget to see the recommended wireless doorbells in all categories at the end of this doorbell buying guide.

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doorbell buying guide

Doorbell Buying Guide

#1: Decide on Wired or Wireless

First thing first, so, if you are looking for a suitable doorbell, then you must consider this point. It’s  rather obvious that you should first determine whether you want a wired or a wireless doorbell.

Though it will not suffice if I simply leave you with it only. So, let’s dive deep into this.

Each type is associated with some pros and cons, so, one should keep in mind his/her desideratum(needs) while selecting a doorbell.

So, while going for a wired doorbell, keep the following points in mind:

  • There is no requirement of batteries. It runs on electricity.
  • The maintenance cost is way low as compared to its counterpart.
  • Longer life span. The life expectancy of wired doorbells is longer than the wireless ones.

And if you are thinking to opt a Wireless doorbell then the following points are seeking your visit:

  • A majority of them run on batteries. Very often they are equipped with a facility to alarm when the battery is getting low.
  • You can easily extend the range of the wireless doorbell by placing multiple rings units around the house.
  • Wireless doorbells are comparatively easier to install.
  • These are somewhat costly. Always priced above the cost of wired doorbells.


#2: Look for appropriate Operating Range

Operating range of a doorbell is also a prominent factor.

If you don’t want to miss any guests due to the poor operating range of the doorbell, then this point is a must to consider while going for a doorbell.

You must ascertain the size and style of your home. Apparently, you would want a doorbell which is perfectly audible from every nook and corner of your house or office. So, for this operating range becomes a prominent factor.

To act upon this point, take the size of your property into account, keep in mind the interfering walls, corners and check for the operating range of available doorbells. If it suits your needs, then you have marked one actual count which will contribute towards the selection of most appropriate doorbell for you.

Nowadays, doorbells come with a considerable range of 150 feet, or more and these are good enough for small and medium sized homes. You may also encounter doorbells with an operating range of 150 foot which is good for small cubicles or cabins.

Experts suggest that you must pay heed to the operating range of a doorbell while in the hunt for a perfect one for your home or office.

If you reside in a multi-storey building, then you may need to install extenders to increase the range of your doorbell. The thumb rule says that if you have thick walls that might interfere with the sound waves of your doorbell, then you should consider going with the wired doorbells.


#3: Check Sound Quality

One of the ostentatious features of a doorbell is its sound. And I bet that you would not want to compromise with its quality.

Moreover, many of the doorbells these days comes with multiple sound options, and you can choose from any one of them.

While going for a doorbell, select the one which has a loud yet soothing sound along with a compelling audacity.

The subordinate of this point is “Sound options.” There are such doorbells available in the market which even lets you download your favorite song or tune and set it as a doorbell sound for your Door chime. Ain’t it great; that you get to listen to your favorite song every time the doorbell button is pressed.


#4: Design and Style

You built your home with unconditional love. You poured your heart into it. So, would you like to compromise the beauty of your home just for an ugly looking doorbell? I bet you won’t. This is why you should pay some attention to the design and style of your doorbell. It must comply with the design and look of your house so that it won’t look odd.

Moreover, the person coming to your house will get to see the doorbell buttons at first. So, make sure that it makes an everlasting impression. There are doorbells available in many colors, decors, and styles.

You should select doorbell with keeping this thing in mind that it must compliment your home.


#5: Check if the doorbell is compatible with other devices

In this world where security is a primary concern, this point becomes a must to consider.

You should go for such a doorbell which is compatible with other home security appliances. It is because, at some point in time, you might like to integrate things for better home security concerns. So, this will help you at that point.


#6: Ease of installation

Obviously, you would not want any complications while installing a doorbell at your home. Right? So, you should opt for a doorbell which is easy to install and handle.

Apparently, for obvious reasons wired doorbells require many efforts as compared to wireless doorbells when the ease of installation factor comes into existence. In fact, many wireless doorbells just need dealing with a screw for fixing the doorbell button, or you may require a double sided tape for the same.


#7: Miscellaneous

Along with the attributes discussed above, now we will be telling you some miscellaneous points to contemplate while looking for a perfect doorbell.

The first one in this list is frequency blocking technology. This term is exclusively for wireless doorbells. Since wireless doorbells work on the principle of frequency exchange between the transmitter and the receiver.

So, it may happen that your neighbor is having guests, and you are notified by your doorbell because of the frequency reception.

So, you must check this feature that the doorbell which you are considering to buy has a frequency blocking feature so that you can avoid the chaos.

The next one in this series is “Volume control options.” It’s always good to have control over the volume so that it would not hurt your listening pairs everytime the doorbell is pressed.  Additionally, if you live in a big house that you can make sure that the sound is audible from the desired place.

One last point that you should look after is the light or visual/illumination indicators which can come handy if any of your family members are hearing impaired. Due to the illumination, they can figure out that you have some guests outside.


How does a doorbell work?

Well, understanding how a doorbell works is not a rocket science. Believe me, most of us are aware of the fundamental principle used in the doorbells.

So, after the detailed doorbell buying guide, we bring you a brief section about how a doorbell works?

As a matter of fact, Doorbells are the most underrated devices. We think of them as a small button which is when pressed, completes a circuit and hence, produces a typical ding-dong sound. But unfortunately, we somehow miss the beauty inside. The way the device is designed and the principles are implemented, it’s worth every dime.

So, let’s see how the doorbell works?

How doorbell works?

The reason why I said that we all know the principle behind the working of a doorbell is that we have read about it as basic sciences. The principle on which a doorbell works is “Electromagnetism.” Yeah, you read it right.

Before proceeding forward with the actual working of a doorbell, we should first look how does an electromagnet work. We won’t be getting deep into this but will make it clear enough to get a basic idea of it.

The idea behind an electromagnet is clear enough. The electromagnet consists of a conducting wire which is wrapped around metal. The reason why the wire is coiled or wrapped is that it helps to amplify the electromagnetic effect.

The conducting wire is usually copper. Now, electricity is passed through it. This results in a magnetic field around the coil.

The bonus with this magnetic field is that we can turn it on and off. Or in other words, we can say that the magnetic field is not permanent. As soon as the electricity is laid off, the magnetic effect goes away.

Now, coming back to the mainstream. Let’s see how the principle of electromagnetism is applied to make a doorbell work. So, it goes like this.

Whenever you press the doorbell button, it completes the internal circuit. This results in the flow of the electricity using a transformer. The reason why a transformer is used in the system is that it converts the high electrical power to a low voltage, typically 10 to 20 volt.

Now, the current is allowed to pass through the electromagnetic wire. The resultant magnetic field now puts the noisemaking device to use. The various sound effects can be obtained by manipulating the methods, but the core concept remains the same.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about doorbells are as follows:

How should I decide upon the operating range of a doorbell?

Well, this is quite a common question and a simple one too. You don’t want to let off your guests while you were in your garage just because your doorbell ain’t audible enough, right. So, you should opt for such a doorbell which can he heard from every nook and corner of your house.

The doorbells come with an operating range of 150 feet or more, but one can extend them to 300 feet or more by using multiple push buttons.

Will there be any interference in my home computer wireless network due to the receivers?

Well, be assured that it won’t interfere with your home wireless network as most of the home networks work at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. On the other hand, the wireless doorbells have their operating concerns with different frequencies.

How many push buttons are supported by a wireless doorbell?

It’s quite obvious that you might need push buttons for your doorbells. So, you might be thinking that how many push buttons are supported by a doorbell? Typically, at least six push buttons are supported by most doorbells, but you must consider going through the manual or product type before proceeding forward.


As you are now aware of what are the prerequisites while looking for the best wireless doorbell for your abode, you are all set to purchase a wireless doorbell for your home.

Now, you must be wondering that from where to buy a doorbell? Well, the first choice is Amazon. It has all that you would require for a flawless delivery of the wireless doorbell you purchase through them.

Alternatively, you can also go for eBay.

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