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Blink Home Security Camera System – A Hands-On Review

These days, Security cameras for home have become a primary need for every homeowner. The weird part is that Wi-Fi cameras come with a cord. They should be plugged in. Blink home security camera system is one such gizmo.

Blink home security camera system

But Blink Home Security Camera System is probably the first security camera which is completely wireless and also cheaper than tethered cameras out there.

Pros of Blink Home Security Camera System

  • Easy to set up and install cameras.
  • Innovative app interface.
  • Completely wireless.
  • Comes with batteries and wall mount.
  • Crisp design.

Cons of Blink Home Security Camera System

  • No option for zoning.
  • Cannot schedule the cameras separately.

When we came across Blink for Home, its ultimate simplicity is the first thing that appealed to our eyes. With Blink Home Security, you can connect several smart cameras to connect through a hub and control all of them with one mobile app.

It is all simple yet cool. Each Blink home security camera system features a Sync Module and several cameras.

Blink home security camera system we are talking about is a dual-camera setup, and it came in its own, square small boxes. The hub is a bit smaller than cameras. It is a simple white square which consists of Ethernet ports and micro USB ports on one corner.

Blink for home

Since hub can be connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet, it can be placed virtually anywhere in your home. It has USB port for power supply which needs an outlet to work. It is the only cable it requires.

Once connected, the small blue light turns on in the hub, and the green light also comes on right below, which shows that the hub is open to connect with a camera.

The white square cameras have clear rear and front cases and edges which stick out to stand unaided. Each camera has a small stand to adjust the angle of the view. Cameras also have 2 AA-sized batteries.

This is how Blink cameras for home are wireless as they are powered by a pair of batteries. It doesn’t mean you can freely set them up anywhere in your home. Batteries also need to be replaced periodically.

According to the company, the batteries can last a few years without replacing them as cameras just capture and save video only when they detect any motion. Continue reading this Blink security camera review to get more insight.


Blink home security camera systemSetting up Blink Home Security is pretty simple. All you have to download the Blink app and turn the Sync Module on. Load in the batteries on the base of cameras using the slider. The app will discover the cameras one after another. Just ‘rename’ the cameras.

It is also very easy to position Blink wireless camera as you can see the live view of the video, so the lens of the camera is aimed well.


Just like other security cameras, you may leave the Blink system alone after setup, so that it will monitor your home.

You can quickly go live and view what’s going on inside your living room, either through quick snap or video. You can also schedule when to control the cameras through the app.

The “Blink App.”

The Blink App for iOS and Android shows your camera feeds on the homepage. At the corner of feed, tap on the video to enter the live stream to see what’s going on in your home.

Blink app

It also has image capture icon to take a picture of current situation if just a still image appears. At the top left of the screen, it also has an icon to turn the speaker on/off.

When you get a new video to check, a blue dot appears on the folder so you can see them through Blink app directly.

You can also download videos to “Camera Roll” folder of your Smartphone. No paid subscription is a feather in Blink camera. Once allocated space is full, new videos will replace the older ones.


Along with time and days, you can also schedule several start times for armed/disarmed periods on as several days of the week as you need. Whenever such periods start, Blink system sends alert to your device so you may know that it was done successfully.


You will get an alert when a camera detects something in motion. The best part of Blink cameras is that they detect only motion, not noises. They also record audio to send clips with sound.Blink for home

The video is recorded in 720p, not 1080p. So, both video and audio quality of clips will be good enough for all devices. You can see and hear what’s going in your home.


When recording the moment, the camera displays a blue LED light. These cameras record up to 5 to 60 seconds of clips that you can watch in this app.

In case, motion remains for some more time; cameras will record several clips. They capture the motion to alert the homeowner that someone or something is moving in their home.


The cameras will send you a notification whenever motion detection is triggered. It may be annoying when someone you know is still at home. This way, you can disarm it on the go.


You can share your captured videos to your family through Twitter, Facebook, or Email. It has a “Share” button on the left side of the camera icon. It also has a bin icon to trash the clip which is no longer needed.


These days, people are looking for a camera system which is both ‘effective yet simple’ and Blink is the one.

It has all the important things covered, be it capturing HD videos, making schedules all day long, viewing areas live, storing footage, and taking live snapshots.

Even better, you don’t have to worry about power points. Blink home monitoring system makes home surveillance even better and easier.

Without breaking the bank, you can continually add more cameras to the network. You can schedule cameras to remain active and disarmed at different times.

Blink Home Security can capture 60 seconds of video which is enough to see what’s happening in your home. It is simply a great multi-camera surveillance system. I strongly recommended Blink for ease of use.

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