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This video doorbell with HD camera stands out from its competitors and has a plethora of distinguished features to offer. To say the least, all that we need to tell you that Skybell HD video doorbell abides by the features that it claims to offer.

Skybell HD video doorbell

One such feature is its motion sensor which starts working even if it sense motion 8 feets away from its position. Over that, it starts recording the very same moment. Additionally, it also has a feature of color night vision adding extra toppings to your security level.


Skybell HD video Doorbell


Skybell HD video doorbell.


  • High Definition video feed.
  • Free video storage.
  • Easy integration with other home automation platforms.
  • Color night vision.
  • iOS and Android application.
  • Application settings.
  • No web interface as such.
  • No activity log.

Let’s take a round trip to the specifications corner of the Skybell wireless doorbell.

  • High definition 1080p video with 5x zoom.
  • LED indicator light (16 million color combination)
  • Night vision (color).
  • Two-way communication (via speaker and microphone).
  • On demand view.
  • Efficient motion sensor.
  • 1-year warranty.


Concerning pricing, Skybell HD is slightly on a higher side of the scale, but it’s worth every dime for the features it provides. It’s priced in $$$.

Build and Design Quality.

Skybell HD video doorbell

The doorbell weighs around 1.9 ounces and has a dimension of 2.8 x 0.9 x 2.8 inches. The doorbell looks like a sober circular object with the nice brushed finish. As of now, two color variants are available, silver and bronze. It’s water resistant and can work upto -40 degree celsius to 60 degree celsius.

How does it work?

Just like all other wireless smart doorbells out there, you will get a notification on your device whenever someone presses the doorbell button. You are provided with the privilege of accepting and declining the call. Once you have chosen to take the call, the platform now establishes a video feed straight from your door to your smartphone.

skybell HD video doorbell

No matter how far you are from your home, you will still be able to get such notifications.

Additionally, if you are not able to take the call, then Skybell will save the video feed for you in a cloud account which you can access anytime. By this, you will always be aware of who’s at your door even if you are not in the home.

The connection is made through the wireless router and then the Skybell video doorbell connects to the smartphone via the internet.


If you are a novice in this field then you may encounter slight difficulties while installing Skybell HD video doorbell. But a little effort will take you to the right track. In order to use the services of Skybell vHD video doorbell, first make sure that your home has hard wiring.

Additionally, if you are having a current doorbell which is hard wired then you might find it somewhat tiresome to remove and replace the former with the new Skybell video doorbell.

If you are done with the installation, I assure you that rest is an easy piece of cake. Concerning configuration, all that you require doing is to enter the activation code which is located at the Skybell box and then holding the doorbell button down until you see the Red light flashing. After this, you need to connect the Skybell doorbell with your iOS or Android device and to the home network.

Once you are up with all the mentioned then you are all set to test and use it accordingly. Period.


As per the ease of installation is concerned, the user guide will come handy while installing Skybell HD Silver WiFi doorbell. For more detailed instructions, one can always go for the online guide and videos which are available at the official Skybell website. To bear with the minimum, it would take only 15 minutes to install this doorbell in ideal conditions.

Skybell HD video doorbell

Skybell HD WiFi doorbell is worth every bit of it and is a must have thing for you. You can control the sensitivity of Skybell doorbell so that it responds less to the distractions created outside like trees and moving cars.

The Skybell application is more intuitive and easy to use. Regarding compatibility factor, this Skybell HD is easily compatible with several smart home applications like IFTTT, Amazon Echo, and others.

Talking about the demerits of this Skybell HD, the application might be one hell of an issue. Though many users can connect their devices to it but only one has the privilege accepting the call.

The Skybell HD also has a predecessor which doesn’t include HD video feed and priced slightly below the Skybell HD one.

Skybell HD video Doorbell

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